National conservation area «Karkaralinsk»

Official reserve is derived from the traditional Kazakh headwear that is used by the girls. Cap Karkara – sewn from natural materials, and then decorated using owl feathers, beads. National Park, like this bright cap, amazing visitors with its diversity of flora and fauna.


The average height difference is about 150 to 200 meters. For example, the highest point of the environmental complex is a 3-head of Komsomol peak, the height of which has almost one thousand four hundred three meters. If you consider the height of the peak in the context only of the park, there is the numbers are not as impressive – only five hundred meters.


In terms of diversity of flora, the park surrounding mountains rich in birch and pine forest, shrubs, meadow grasses. The extraordinary beauty of the park is reflected in numerous poetic names given to the great love of a man:

  • Volcano red beard;
  • Cliff Red Cliff;
  • Lake Mirror Pad;
  • Falcon top and so on.