In the city of Samarkand on A.Zhomii Street, 56 almost 30 years ago in the symbolic period – the International Year of Peace – the Museum of Peace and Solidarity was built. Its significance is truly great, unfortunately, in today’s world, war has become a common occurrence, compared to the ancient times when wars were a rare and exceptional event.

The losses that any war bears are irreplaceable. Therefore, a wide variety of societies are opening all over the world, urging people to remember how beautiful it is to live under a peaceful sky, saving lives for children, the elderly, and for their relatives and friends. The Samarkand museum is one of such unique museums, which all over the world there are only 46. The main idea is to solve problems not through military actions, but through diplomatic methods leading to a peace settlement.

The exposition of the museum is aimed at developing a sense of unity between people of absolutely different countries. More than 20,000 specimens of great value were collected from more than 100 countries. Visitors can see capsules with earth, blood-stained blood and tears of grief of the blockade of Stalingrad, as well as millions of people killed in the walls of the Auschwitz camp. Here you can find shards of bombs that took the lives of innocent victims, parts of the Berlin Wall, and in each of the exhibits collected the pain and suffering of people who did not really need these brutal and bloody wars.

Each subject of the museum is a living piece of history, it is a memory that should not be erased with time. One more important fragment of the museum – the project «Autographs of the World», which contains photographs, stories and signatures of those people who have contributed to the development of relations between representatives of different nationalities, can not be overlooked. The museum itself has also received the title of unique, because the mission, which is carried out by its employees and devotees, is truly priceless. Call – (+998 66) 2331753.