Fortress Kirk-Kiz

This Fortification, whose name literally means «forty girls» for a long time was not in hurry to reveal all its secrets to researchers. Surprisingly, the best scientists considered this place a sacred place, then a palace, then khanaka, then home of the nobility, and so on.


Located just three kilometers from Termez this complex was often featured in various myths and legends. For example, there is a belief, according to which it was here where one of the most important battles between the famous princess Gulaim and nomads happened. On the side of the princess there were 40 girls, hence was the name for the complex.


The architectural features of the building


The building height of which is nearly 55 meters has the form of a regular square. In order to improve its defense capability, it was decided to surround the complex with powerful fortifications. The central corridors of the complex divide it crosswise. This results in exactly four parts, each of which is fully consistent with the size of the other three. The central part of the whole complex is a cozy courtyard, an area of ​​11×11 meters. Today there is no consensus, regarding the courtyard. For example, some cultural experts say that the courtyard was covered with a dome.


The followings may be included in the architectural features of the overall layout of the building:

1. The presence of five rooms;

2. All rooms overlook the front side;

3. The living room is located only in the southwestern part.


To the dismay of the scientist community, a large part of the whole complex couldn’t withstand the blows of time and nature; however, some elements of the complex survived, such as arches, brickwork and so on.