So, on a hot tour you went on a trip. We experienced the whole peculiarity of the East. From a historical sight to the food and the oriental bazaar. In a word, completely went through the program, which you kindly prepared for the tour operator. You even visited the quests – new entertainment, which became so popular for the people of Tashkent. And perhaps you know all about them. Everything is familiar, if you have ever been to Japan – the homeland of the quest. And it seemed, what else they can surprise?


And you were on the quests of Exit? How do they differ from others? Authorship. Such scenarios are no more. Therefore, becoming a hero of the quest, you pledge not to talk about what you saw. Today there are five scenarios in Exit:


  • «Wide open eyes» – where you will have to learn to trust others.
  • «Apartment 13» – where you need to connect wit to survive.
  • Event-agency. What are you ready to get the most chic work in the world?
  • «Avant-garde exhibition» and «Lost expedition» – do everything possible to not stay here forever.


The peculiarity of Exit is that it is not just a break from reality, but a competition to get to the table of winners. If Exit opens for you in the morning, take about 100,000 with you if your friends decide to

practice your intellect after dinner, then 150,000. The main thing is to follow the rules. In any case, Exit is open to you close to Uzbektourism.