In the park of Samarkand is the restaurant Sangizar, which consists of several entertainment buildings. Drowning in the greenery of trees, the luxury of flowers, giving in the summer heat the long-awaited coolness from the central fountain decorated with mini waterfalls, Sangizar is a favorite place for many regular visitors.

Young people like the restaurant bar – there is a very large selection of various drinks, exotic cocktails, and for lovers of a healthy lifestyle – natural fresh juices. Guests of weddings, anniversaries, corporate events are waiting in the banquet hall. Beautiful furniture, luxurious furniture and complete harmony – a holiday in the walls of the hall will be unforgettable.

The VIP-hall of the restaurant is the heart of the complex, its exquisite, refined nugget. Modern interior, made by leading designers, resting environment, aesthetic design, as well as attention and care of staff – the main features of the institution. Each guest’s wish is done quickly and without fail. In addition, only here you can order striptease dance.

And, of course, the kitchen – after all, almost everyone who has visited Sangizar returns once to get the most variety. The national, European and world cuisine is represented by selected dishes, which will be remembered for ever by visitors harmoniously chosen tastes and spices. Lamb in its own juice, with a crusty crust, ribs, baked in the oven and roasted delicious, lyulya-kabob in tomato sauce, a variety of salads and seafood – even the most fastidious gourmets can not stand. And the dancing staff of the restaurant complements all this splendor, having pleased the guests with national, classical, modern compositions.