Address: Samarkand, st. The World of Said Baraka, 7

One of the most unusual establishments in Samarkand is the restaurant «Kishlak». The splendor of the architectural building is simply breathtaking. Getting inside, guests of the institution are invisibly transferred to a completely different era, an old one, a little unfamiliar, provoking genuine interest. The interior of the restaurant is thought out to the smallest detail – every decoration, every detail, furniture, curtains descending downwards, decor elements – all resemble the eastern castle, creating its own, exciting atmosphere. It adds a beautiful fountain, which pleases visitors not only with pleasantly flowing coolness, but also with a mild, soothing noise of water.

The guests are offered dishes of European and Uzbek cuisine. How amazing is the atmosphere of the restaurant, just as striking is the food – exquisite dishes will not only decorate the table, but will satisfy the taste of any, most fastidious gourmet. Chefs will surprise guests with succulent salads, delicious desserts, meat dishes with an inexpressible shade of spices, a variety of different appetizers, and, of course, the main dishes of the table – manti and shish kebab. A separate conversation is Uzbek tortillas – hot, lush, with a slightly crispy crust, sprinkled with white or black sesame.

The kishlak is an ideal place, both for large companies and for secluded encounters. Romantic atmosphere, pleasant music, an atmosphere – every evening spent at the restaurant Kishlak, will be truly unforgettable. For family holidays, or private meetings in the institution there are special tents, for lovers of fresh air – recreational areas in the summer cafe. Live music, as well as shows arranged by professional dancers, contribute to its contribution.