West Rainbow

In the northern part of Issyk-Kul, near the small settlement Koshkol ‘located charming guesthouse West Rainbow, which seemed specifically designed for active travelers and family clan, go to the turquoise expanse of the Issyk-Kul with their children. Tour operators Kyrgyzstan believe that this place is ideal for curious tourists who prefer to stay with the coziness and comfort. To vacation started as well, as continued to acquire sufficient flight Uzbek airlines and puzzled shuttle from the airport to the capital of Kosh-Cola – moving public transport, such as bus, it may be too impressed. The car that will take you from Bishkek directly to the door of the boarding house, and can be ordered in West Rainbow.


This boarding house is open all year round, which is not characteristic of all hotels in Kyrgyzstan near the famous lake. So that you can enjoy not only the sun in the summer, warm days-giving, full of fabulous Bliss on the beach, but also to see the magnificent lake in monochrome colors, when the warm waters, pristine ice, like a precious turquoise frame painted black and white colors of the surrounding scenery.


What is particularly nice in West Rainbow has a large selection of different options for accommodation. Thrifty and frugal couples suit rooms in two main buildings. Those who came here a big company, or would like to enjoy an abundance of leisure square meters can choose cottages. Fortunately, there is comfort are combined with the privacy. Greater comfort relaxation designed to give: of room – here is where to stay and leisure travelers and their things; TV, which will please you and the domestic and foreign-language channels; bathroom, equipped with all necessary details; a small kitchenette and a thermostat that even in the summer arrange for its thermophilic nature will be the most fastidious guests, to say nothing of a snowy winter.


The restaurant regularly three times a day, is tempting hungry guests the same abundance of «buffet». Restrain their appetites not worth it – the food you have already paid for renting a room. To try something light, warm or refresh your mortal body always delicious drink at the bar. In the summer, in addition to the main drinking-snack places, work is also a beach bar, tempting, in addition to the extensive menu, and a good Wi-Fi. And if you came to rest really impressive company and timed his arrival to some bright event, you can even order a banquet hall, he is willing to accept within its walls up to 150 people walking.


From early morning to sunset you will find well-groomed and lined sand beach, where immersing their feet in his velvet, proud rows of chairs lined up. Prefer sunbathing upright and in motion – can enthusiastically twist pedal catamaran. Or try to stay on the banana. In Issyk-Kul can proudly to roll, going down on one of the water slides. For those who prefer a more respectable pastime, provides trips on the boat. You can dash foam wave on a boat, or warm up rowing boat.


For those who prefer to rest on land has badminton and table tennis. Fans drive the ball can choose the tools and platform to taste for volleyball or football. The territory and the surrounding area can be explored by bike or scooter. For those who prefer to hone accuracy – it has all the equipment for darts. There playground.


Relax, stretch your muscles rebel or simply pamper their beauty of a pair of intricate procedures can be in the local SPA-center. Cautious travelers rejoice at the presence of pharmaceutical and medical items.


In the evening, the hotel does not sleep, but only demonstrates the versatility of their leisure activities. Quietly take a break from the daily hustle and bustle in the theater, you can lazily contemplating any masterpiece. For fans of their own musical talents there is karaoke. A rich sports program, you can continue on the nightly disco.


For true fans of adventure in Rainbow-West is always ready to arrange an exciting horseback riding, offer trekking along winding mountain trails the surrounding national park, ride the stormy Belogrivov streminu mountain stream on a raft, to travel all over the scenic road routes running through the breathtaking gorges, cycling, or go trophy fish on the inviting expanse of Lake Issyk-Kul.


If you find yourself in this hotel Kyrgyzstan with children, take care of their entertainment is not necessary. On the beach waiting for the young guests wonderful furnished and reasonably well thought-out children’s playground, and resourceful animators always figure out how to be involved in the game’s most inhospitable «Nehochuha».