Three Crowns

The hotel, where you can in the summer to enjoy the unique lake on the white beaches, lapped by the clear waters of the legendary Issyk-Kul, in the winter please edges on the white pristine purity stunning ski slopes, and in the fall and spring to pay tribute to their own health, called the Three Crowns, and is located in the center of the famous resort. Cholpon-Ata Flight Uzbek airline will take you to the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, and even here it is necessary to select one of the suitable ways to travel: shuttle bus or train Kyrgyz Tour Operators recommend this hotel to those who prefer to rest any season comfortably and tastefully.


On a beautiful, reasonably-designed territory there are three buildings offering accommodation rooms of different comfort level. Despite the fact that the hotel is in the spa town, calm and relaxing stay for its guests guaranteed. Accommodation here can be selected in accordance with the possibilities of his own purse, and based on the requirements of comfort. Regardless of room category, it will be obligatory to attend a refrigerator, safety deposit box, television, regularly broadcasting on multiple channels, and a balcony, pleasing scenic views.


In addition to the magnificent number of rooms, the hotel is known for and attention to the entertainment program offered to guests. Build muscle mass can be entered in many days racing in endurance with exercise equipment, located in the gym. Hone your skills in conducting and applying, and simultaneously feel the team spirit of the game, driving the ball in volleyball, football or, for example, in basketball. For those who appreciate the accuracy and static, suitable billiards. But accuracy and agility combines great tennis here are equipped with different courts.


To fully enjoy the sun and crystal clear fresh water can be at a local beach. At the dock promise unforgettable walks beckon boats and yachts. Workout legs lazily rocking on the waves, it is possible on the foot catamaran. A whimsical draw a pattern on the surface of the water offers Jet Ski. On the beach there is also a charming coffee, where a cup of coffee you can feel all the festive atmosphere of a summer day.


If you want to explore the scenic spaces and outside the hotel, the staff is happy to arrange for you a tour of the famous for the beauty of the mountain gorge. Fans of noble horses are invited to a fascinating walk on horseback through the picturesque mountain paths. Fans of a more brutal entertainment can arrange exciting hunting or full of excitement and joy of winning fishing.


After a busy day, so nice to really relax in the sauna, hot sessions in the steam room with a refreshing bath in the pool. Those, whose mortal shell requires a more gentle treatment, rejoice in the rich menu of treatments offered by the local SPA-complex.


And that night was a match for an eventful day in summer cafe every evening disco provocative. Or you can get in a city that is known for good reason eventful evening and night life, bars and tempting lights stormy rhythms nightclubs.


Those who would like to leave to get acquainted with the culture and history of this country can recover one of ethnographic tours. However, to leave the hotel is not necessarily the territory instead of pavilions scattered charming guest yurt, where you cannot just hide from the midday heat, but also to see how the steppe tribes lived. To get acquainted with the culture of the country, it is possible and realizing its features via the stomach. Suffice it to try to cook one of the local delicacies on their own, for this site posted an open hearths: tandoor, cauldron and even BBQ.


And in the winter the hotel offers excellent conditions for exploring the local slopes – the hotel have a private lodge in the mountains. And in order to diversify the ski vacation, guests offer local plow up in drifts voyage on a snowmobile or take to the ice-blue sky and see a black and white pattern of foothill forests paragliding.


To the guests enjoyed numerous activities in a state of blissful satiety, at the hotel restaurant, which serves surprisingly delicious recipes of European and local specialties.


For younger guests on the territory of Kyrgyzstan hotel runs a children’s playground.