Batumi: Features of transportation

If you are firmly decided to spend the holiday or vacation is in Batumi, it will be necessary to decide on the future of the transport component of rest. Residents of foreign and CIS countries can arrive here by plane, the benefit of the Uzbek airline has an extensive flight geography:

  • Residents of the Russian Federation may arrive in Batumi on a direct flight from Moscow. Residents of other regions or countries can benefit from air transport, carrying a transplant in Tbilisi;
  • If you decide to fly with a change in the Georgian capital, here offers several daily flights on the route Tbilisi – Batumi. The average time is about forty minutes on the road;
  • From the Georgian capital to Batumi, you can get there and train. Due to the fact that the cost of the railway the country is quite low ticket, the passenger can easily redeem both places in CB car. From Tbilisi to Batumi daily sent 2 train journey time which is almost eight hours;
  • Fans of road transport could come to Batumi from Tbilisi and other cities of the country on a personal car or by shuttle bus. Average journey time will be about six hours;
  • It is possible to arrive in Batumi and by sea. From the resort town of Sochi here runs the ship, the time in which the path is 4.5 hours. It should be noted, that the fare on it will not all can afford.

Air Batumi harbor is two kilometers from the city center and the railway – five. To overcome this distance can take a taxi or public bus. The average time on the road will be from ten to twenty minutes. If necessary, tour operator in Georgia will help to plan the best route.