Museum of Modern Art in Baku

A brilliant opportunity to get acquainted with the masterpieces of world and national art presented residents and guests with a museum of modern art in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, which opened in 2009. First lady of the country, Mehriban Aliyeva, became the initiator of his creation. The museum is included in the program of any tour in Azerbaijan.

The absence of corners, the angular diversity of the slope of the walls, open passages – all this underscores the avant-garde architectural style of the building. Lack of strict framework in the expositions of the sculptors of painting and architecture, freedom are the main components of the principles of the museum. Azerbaijani painter Altai Sadyh-zade is the creator of this architectural project, as well as the main character of the museum, which plans exhibitions and participates in the formation of expositions. Two floors of the museum design represent an entire space. They are weaved by a forgotten staircase, also referred to as an art object.

To see the most diverse, unusual works allows visitors an open, free conception of the museum. In the collections there are works of Azerbaijani artists-innovators of 1960-1970, as well as paintings by great contemporary masters Picasso, Chagall, Dali, etc. The core of the museum’s collection are collections of sculptures and paintings by the best avant-garde artists of Azerbaijan, from the second half of the 20th century up to the present tense. Today, the museum’s funds number more than 800 artifacts. Tour operators of Azerbaijan are advised to visit it for those who know a lot about modern art.

Basically, these are representatives of the Azerbaijan art of two directions: figurative and avant-garde. Here are the works of Huseyn Aliyev, Nadir Kasumov, Tahir Salahov, Ashraf Murad, Eldar Mammadov, Altai Sadykh-Zade. Modern authors of collections present their works with audio compositions and video visualization.

The building of the museum of white color also refers to a work of art in the avant-garde style. Not only the exquisite architectural appearance of the museum represents art. Of great interest is visitors and art cafes, a restaurant, museum halls. The museum has an exhibition of children’s art, a hall for solo exhibitions, a shop, a library and a video hall.

The Metropolis Gallery occupies two exhibition halls. They are exhibited works of contemporary authors, which can be purchased at the museum. Thanks to the work of the museum and part of the exposition dedicated to the unknown art of Soviet times, some authors will remain unforgettable in the world of art.