Museum of History of Azerbaijan

Currently, the Museum of History of Azerbaijan has 6 departments, the total area of ​​which is 3 thousand square meters. Visitors can see many monuments of this country, artifacts. All these assets make it possible to study the culture of Azerbaijan. It is enough only to fly by Uzbek airlines to Baku. Tour operators of Azerbaijan organize amazing excursions to local halls.

This museum appeared in the distant 1920, as the department «Musekskurs» in the department of the commissariat of education. The museum fund is located in the mansion of the industrialist Haji Tagiyev, where there was also a historical archive and government institutions. It was possible to visit the museum in 1921. During its existence, its name and location have changed many times. In 1936 some of the exhibits were placed in the Shirvanshahov’s palace, and all management affairs were transferred to the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1969 the museum became the only full-fledged master of the Tagiyev mansion. These chambers are located near the largest hotels in Azerbaijan.

The departments of the museum are divided into times – these are prehistoric, middle ages, and also a new period and modernity. In total, there are more than 300 thousand expositions, including 2300 weapons exhibits and 150 thousand coins. And this is not the limit, as the museum’s fund is constantly replenished with new archaeological finds.

A unique find of 2014 was a collection of gold objects older than four thousand years. No tour of Azerbaijan can do without admiration for these items.

Each floor of the museum is represented by a certain time. For example, on the first floor there are expositions of prehistoric time, the Bronze Age and the Stone Age, as well as the Middle Ages. The second floor tells us about the middle of the 18th and early 19th centuries, as well as carpet-making, silk production, the development of the economy and science at that time. Of great interest is also the history of belief, the customs of the country during the First World War and at the present time.

The majority of museum exhibits are located in the Tagiyev mansion. Haji Tagiyev is known in Azerbaijan as a philanthropist and father of the «nation». In 2007, the building in which he lived, was restored to the original species, which was during the life of the owner. After that, we opened a memorial apartment museum. The museum consists of 9 rooms.