State Museum of History of Yerevan

A fascinating journey, opening the veil of time in front of a great past of the Armenian capital, Yerevan, is the Museum of History. Armenia Tour operators advise the institution for family visits, fascinating exhibits for itself immediately and can find little travelers. The museum, as well as the city, which he dedicated, and he can boast of amazing, interesting and rich history. This is a true nomad space hometown. The very institution was founded at the beginning of the thirties of the last century. Five years after its founding, the museum settled in the territory of the renowned and beautiful Blue Mosque (what probably saved the building itself from destruction).In 1994, when the mosque was decided once again to give the current status of the Museum of History of Yerevan moved into the house, where previously housed women’s gymnasium, but we’ll see visions of young schoolgirls troubled peace exhibits, and nine years later, he again changed his dwelling place, this time selecting other educational institution, old school. There exposition lingered a little longer, and in 2006 the collection has finally found its home in the modern building of Yerevan Municipality.


During the existence of the museum staff, for continuous replenishment of the collection, were able to collect more than eighty thousand exhibits in these walls. They all talk about the different stages of development of the city, from its foundation to the present day. And given the fact that some attribute to Erebuni Fortress Monastery founder of the modern Armenian capital, one can imagine how much more time the reservoir may include the museum exposition.


It contains a lot of valuable relics, such as a helmet master Sardur that adorned the head of its owner even in the eighth century BC. There is also a copy of the ancient inscriptions, carved by the scribes on the monolith, on the orders of King Argishti, and shall declare the glorious feat of the lord, the basis of the fortress of Erebuni. However, most of the exhibits still accounts for the period of our era, and the first written mention of the city falls on the 7th century AD. While many Armenians believe that the settlement itself was the first in the world after the Great Flood, and founded his Noi, came down from Mount Ararat, on top of which he threw the Ark, and immediately fell in love with this charming region. Documentary evidence of this is not, and because the museum tells the history of the medieval city, drawing its descriptions of many travelers foreigners engravings they left. The collection includes rare first books of relevance to the capital, the drawings, in which for centuries the city’s image is slowly changing, variety of household items, which are sometimes one of its kind brighter tell the history of life of the people, rather than the textbooks and books, fancy jewelry and outfits. There are also several stands, telling about the rich years of battles, which is also impossible to erase from the annals of the city. These banners, medals and a variety of weapons of the soldiers received at different times – a real paradise for the men. The museum is part of a tour of Armenia.


Other fascinating exhibits – it’s bulky, skillfully made ​​models of Yerevan, where is portrayed as the city looked like at any given age. They are lined up carefully, using sketches, paintings, and in the modern version, and photos, as well as notes of travelers. This is perhaps the most evident demonstration of the city throughout its history. Some monuments in volume term can only be seen at these mock-ups – they have already disappeared from the face of the city.


The exhibition, as it often happens with museums in Armenia, mainly created by the hands of caring citizens who passed into the museum family relics and unique collections, which are in their homes, to all residents of the capital, and many travelers who come here, can freely enjoy and quick to learn the history of this amazing city. Some of the objects hit the stands from public funds. By the way, the tourism industry in Armenia is largely developed through the efforts of individuals is, in contrast, for example, tourism in Uzbekistan.


One of the most interesting rooms – is the one that is dedicated to the events that took place in the capital during the period from the eighteenth to the nineteenth century. So, here you can see the legendary key to the city, which is the Persian Khan was forced to transfer to General Prasevichu, after the latter took the fortress that was in 1827.


The history of the town is shown here and in the light of technological progress. Here you can find a unique collection of watches belonging to different time periods, and the crown of it – the clock tower, once adorned the city. Here are various printing presses, as well as other, more modern equipment of printing houses, which has been used in Yerevan. Young visitors impressive first telephones and cameras Cinematograph era of origin. Perhaps it is this part of the collection, as well as three-dimensional models, may lead to a sincere admiration for the youngest visitors of the museum – phone handset and drive – it is some fantastic machine.


To get to the museum, it suffices to find out Argishtii where at number 1 and it is. The museum is open on weekdays from ten in the morning until six o’clock in the evening, leaving himself for the weekend on Saturday and Sunday. And nearby there are many hotels in Armenia.