Club Tom Collins Free House

The perfect place for fans of American culture with a touch of Celtic slant lovers of Irish pubs and saloons in one person, it’s a club Tom Collins Free House. Excellent restaurant open every day, but most of the guests going there just for the weekend, the good that is always live music on Saturday. Tour Operators of Armenia advised to look here for those who like a real atmosphere of the bar. As befits every decent club – restaurant is more of evening and night, and therefore their doors hospitably opens only at five o’clock in the evening, but the fun lasts almost until the last, able to stand on their feet visitor. If the power to reach your accommodation in Armenia has not, you lovingly call a taxi. The interior itself vividly recalls the classic pubs or bars familiar from the films. Dark walls with brick accents, soft muted light, beautiful black-and-white and color photographs, old posters and posters and, of course, a great bar, made of mahogany, solid tables of expensive wood and shining bright with all sorts of bottles wall. All this creates a surprisingly pleasant and almost homely atmosphere of the good old bar where a couple of pints of beer can be enjoyed in the company of friends, and at the same time and listen to good music, or even dance.


Tom Collins is divided into two zones, each of which plays catchy music. Here, play and rock-n-roll, blues languid and sad, disturbing rock, reggae cheerful, gentle and poignant jazz. You can find the right music to suit your mood. And on Saturdays come here Yerevan famous bands and musicians coming to the Armenian capital from other cities to please regulars and new visitors live concerts. That’s really where the real fun begins. So you should book a flight Uzbekistan Airways and arrive here.


Tom Collins – is primarily a bar soon, so guests will be able to find many brands of delicious beer, both dark and light, and more than twenty different kinds of whiskey as well various brands of single malt from Scotland, Ireland and the US. and, of course, juices, mineral water and a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails. There is also what satisfies their hunger as modest snacks and full hot meals. Here you can find the classic range for any pub, and unique masterpieces that guests Tom Collins can only try here. And as a tribute to the traditions of country style, a constant fast food, so if you cannot live without all sorts of burgers, fries and other similar goodies – you are lucky enough to be in the pub when you are on holiday in Uzbekistan meet.


By the way, quite often, Tom Collins pleases its patrons what some themed nights. This may be as a party with Latin American music and the corresponding mandatory dancing and gastronomic festivals, such as the beer festival and crayfish. Or, treat yourself plenty Armenian wine, champagne or mulled wine as part of any ordinary shares.


In general, Tom Collins is always ready to please their regulars and new guests by offering them a pastime for all tastes. Would you like to sit quietly, chatting about everything, come early. Think fun to dance to exhilarating rhythms of rock ‘n’ roll or country music, look here a little later, an hour to ten. You can even arrange your own party by ordering a birthday party or fun for another important occasion for you. Caring and always ready to help staff will gladly help you with all the preparations and will make the appropriate menu.



Tel .: (+ 374-10) 53 81 04

Mob .: (+ 374-55) 16 00 64

Address: RA, Yerevan, 31 Pushkin (the intersection of Pushkin and Koghbatsi)