Church of St. Zoravor

Church Surb Astvatsatsin Zoravor belongs to the Armenian Apostolic Church and is located in one of the most charming old districts of Yerevan, Shaar. If you decide to visit it yourself, rather than as part of the review of the tour in Armenia, they found the building can be a difficult task, it even informs the official address. If you happen to get lost, just ask the locals, and they are happy to show you the way – the construction is to spend some time looking for him.


The church belongs to the first church buildings, it was a big monastery complex, built around the tomb of St. Ananias. Construction decided to start Archimandrite Movses Syunetsi. He sought the help of simple Yerevan residents, and donations collected by the faithful erected a complex, where in addition to the temple buildings, such as the church and the chapel were built still and residential complex for priests and a parochial school. But the main shrine here have always been the relics of St. Ananias, who was famous for being not only a disciple of the Bishop of Damascus, but also a great missionary who bravely carried the light of faith to the Gentiles, healed the sick and the suffering, and as a result has been subjected to a martyr’s death. First, the saint was buried in Constantinople, but after Christianity became the official religion in Armenia, they transported to Yerevan. Many believers are constantly come here to pay homage to the body of the saint, sincerely believing that it can bring them healing. Unfortunately, the monastery shrine could not keep – it destroyed the terrible earthquake in 1679. Residents of Yerevan entertained a sincere love for this place, one of the wealthiest citizens, Hodge Panos, donated a substantial sum for the construction of a new building, the church of Surb Zoravor. And the temple was rebuilt in the late seventeenth century. This is one of the most beautiful buildings made of large blocks of gray and rich terracotta color. The outer walls of the church are decorated with beautifully carved harchkary. The building consists of three naves and it does not have a dome. When austerities is visible and even some stinginess appearance of church buildings, as well as its inner chambers, looks harmoniously.


In the late nineteenth century to the tomb of the saint it was decided to re-establish the chapel of St. Ananias. The very construction of elegant refinement of the overall ensemble and it seems a natural extension of the church building – impossible to believe that these two buildings are separated for almost two centuries. Inside the chapel is the tomb, carved in stone, in which the relics of the saint.


During Soviet rule, the church stripped of its official status, it was abandoned and gradually destroyed, becoming ruins. After the Temple of Surb Zoravor returned to believers, the reconstruction of the church began with the support of the Church authorities. Were restored walls, completely reconstructed the roof and interior of the church restored. The works lasted for a long time and affected not only the church but also the surrounding land. A great contribution to the restoration of Surb Zoravor introduced Armenian, born in France, Sargis Petrosyan. Today the church operates and its services are held not only by Armenian priests and ministers of other churches, such as the Finnish Orthodox Church. See similar structures is difficult during a visit to any other country, for example, while on vacation in Uzbekistan .