Solar Institute in Parkent

2312 1 - Solar Institute in Parkent

Solar Institute in Parkent


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In the village of Sun, which is Parkent district of Tashkent region, there is a unique scientific-technical Institute of the Sun, an analogue of which is only in France. It was founded thanks to Academician Azimovich Sadik Azimov, who was not only able to prove the usefulness of the project, but also to successfully implement it.


The first stone was laid on the open hill, which was blown by purest air. The construction was carried out for over six years. Approaching to such an important cause, the Academician calculated that at the heart of that hill lies a huge monolithic slab, created by nature itself. So, his brainchild was built on stable and reliable foundation for which seismic changes were not a great threat. Also the institute staff was responsibly chosen and today it proudly boasts 14 candidates of sciences, one academician, three doctors and a total of 163 employees.


The main attraction of the solar institute is a Big Solar Furnace based on an automatic control system, consisting of a solar laboratory and a technological tower. Few people know that this place originally had a military status. The place was strictly kept secret and was used to test the skin of spaceships and military equipment. But it was in the past and today, this attraction is a very peaceful and harmless exhibit.


In addition to the multi-purpose observation of the Sun, the institute is also engaged in other useful developments, for example, obtaining of the infrared emitters widely used in medicine, or for the production of yarn and thread guides in the industry, or creating energy-efficient dryers.