Metropolitan – an amazing attraction in Tashkent

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Someone ask about, and what is surprising Tashkent subway? It impresses with its architectural and stylistic diversity. There are aprons, decorated in oriental style. There are classical, modern and somewhat unusual – station «Cosmonaut» is completely decorated in the style of the space orbit.


Selection of finishing materials is very wide. The famous Central Asian marble and granite, travertine, ceramic tile, mosaic, Ganj, metal, Oriental painting, modern architecture, etc.Station decor skillfully combined with harmonious lighting. This grandiose chandeliers, as well as the fantastic light poles, and translucent glass windows, recessed in the column.


This diversity explains the fact that the station set up for over forty years. The first section Chilanzar line was developed in 1977. This branch linked sufficiently populous Chilonzor region with the capital center. Later, the branch extended to the opposite edge of the capital.


Trains on the second line (the Uzbekistan) launched the summer of 1987. She added the residents of passenger traffic of the old part of the city. The last station passed in 1994.


The third subway line – Yunusobod – was put into operation in 2001, thus relieving congested land transport routes.


Number of Tashkent subway stations reached 29. But that’s not the side-chapel: Projects of new stations.