Wonderful cave lake Koy-Ata

In the depths of the mountain Dugun there is a limestone cave. From Ashgabat it is 120 kilometers away from the nearest town of Beherder only 20. Of the e main interest here is the cave lake, measuring approximately 75 by 23 meters. The water temperature is very comfortable – about 37 degrees Celsius.


Information on the cave appeared in the late XVIII century, but the message in the local press appeared only in 1896. After that, people began visiting this unique place constantly. The scientific expedition of geologists and speleologists helped to map and give detailed description of this natural object.


You can get to the cave from five points. The main point of interest is located at a depth of 50 meters.You can consider all the beauty with the help of electric lighting. In one part of the 250-meter hall lies a turquoise lake with brackish water. Excursions as well as boating and swimming attract tourists and residents of Turkmenistan.


In this dungeon live pigeons, bats and various rodents. Flora of this striking the national resort is mainly lichens.


The air in the cave is nearly 100 percent humid, and it is saturated with hydrogen sulfide vapors. It is hard to be here for a long time, and is harmful for the health.


Almost a kilometer from the entrance to the cave spring Koy beats into the gully. Thus, the water from the cave lake comes to the surface.


Let’s hope that people will be respectful to the natural attraction and it will be able to surprise visitors for a long time.