The mosque-mausoleum of Baba Talhatan

If you go out in Bayramali Mary, then, not reaching 35-40 km to the Sultan Kala meet Talhatan Baba Mosque. This inconspicuous building can be seen in the old churchyard. The first mention of construction appeared in scientific journals in the late XIX century. I did this description Russian orientalist VA Zhukovsky, who participated in an archaeological expedition to Turkestan.


Exterior view of the mosque is completely different from similar buildings of the 15th century. There is no majolica, mosaics and murals. In addition there is no minaret tower and quince.


The building is a parallelepiped with towering dome over it. On the front is a large eastern arch, it also set the gate. On either side are narrow arches with low doors. The main decorations of the mausoleum are small columns, arches and prominent ornaments collected from light burnt brick. The architects used the Loess binder solution square and flat and patterned blocks. Of these, created magnificent patterns interspersed with crosses, ribbons and fancy Rapport resembling „3“ and its mirrored counterpart. Notably, the walls have a thickness of more than one meter.


The cupola of the mihrab of the structure is aimed at the Kaaba. With laterally arranged wings covered with vaults Balkhi.


Unfortunately, the north wall is cracked, so it is strengthened by buttresses. Other ends perfectly preserved, they built four arched aperture with brick columns.