State Reserve Badkhyz

In Mary province, along the border with Afghanistan, between the rivers Murghab Kushka and an area of ​​about 88,000 hectares spread Badkhyz Reserve. Its history began in 1941. It was intended to save the remaining small population of Asiatic wild ass, gazelles and Turkmen urialov. It is also required to protect and preserve for the study of wild nature biogeocoenosis, including pistachio bushes. In 1956, the reserve land holdings included three reserves – Chemenabit, Kyzyldzhar and Pulihatum. There are ponds, from which the drinking birds and animals, their safety is very important in arid areas. In addition to the Asiatic wild asses, like a light-brown donkey, on the verge of extinction were leopards, wild boars, gazelles and urialy. All of these animals in the reserve took under protection.


In Badkhyz inhabits 40 species of mammals, 250 species of birds – a golden eagle, vulture, rock nuthatch, vulture, etc. The local desert and steppe region are a paradise for reptiles. Varan, cobra, viper, Afghan, arrow etc., they are no less than 34 species.


Flora Badkhyz widely is endemics – species that exist only in these climatic and territorial conditions. In the spring blooms here a fabulous multi-colored carpet of tulips, astragalus and sainfoin – about 60 species. In addition to them in the reserve grows about 550 species of higher plants – ferula, saxaul, pistachio, but all of them, and you name it.