National Palace of Wedding „Bagt Koshgi“

In 2011, the capital of Turkmenistan replenished another attraction. The construction of the Palace of solemn events, the authorities instructed known Turkish company already had behind him a solid construction experience. The building, whose height was more than eleven floors and the total area reaches 40 thousand square meters, has a star shape.


The new tourist magnet, thanks to which tour to Turkmenistan became even more popular, really ready to break pre-existing architectural patterns:

  • Each of the two side walls of the Palace of Marriages made in the form of an 8-pointed star;
  • The central part of the complex is in the form of a cube;
  • Inside the cube is the aforementioned ball, symbolizing the planet Earth;
  • Himself a ball mounted on huge columns;
  • The diameter of the ball over which was applied a huge map of Turkmenistan, is 32 meters;


Taken care of Turkish architects and luxurious interior decoration:

  • The decor is dominated by the Turkmen national style;
  • The process of registration of marriages takes place in one of the six rooms;
  • Direct weddings take place in one of three rooms;
  • Three of the above hall and ready to accommodate before Five hundred guests , and one – thousand;
  • Most wealthy couples can rent the „Golden Hall“, which is located on the ninth floor of the complex.


Any tour operator in Turkmenistan knows Wedding Palace has one of the most modern infrastructures for the celebration of all sizes:

  • Specialized bridal shop;
  • Numerous cafes;
  • Offices design companies;
  • photo studio;
  • Beauty;
  • Office of companies engaged org anizatsiey weddings;


Different in size banquet halls and so on.


The structure of the complex also includes a hotel, including twenty-two comfortable rooms.