Museum of Wildlife of Turkmenistan

In 2010, a new zoo joined the list of attractions near Ashgabat .The land exceeding 40 hectares, was turned to the National Wildlife Museum. There are spacious enclosures for keeping animals in a warm and winter period. The Zoo boasts the presence of about 300 species of animals – predators, mammals, reptiles, birds, and the inhabitants of water. Some of them are endangered.


The exposition of animals imported from other countries, are supplemented by the inhabitants of the old zoological park and the presidential nursery.


Museum of Wildlife has four thematic sectors. The western sector is housed by hoofed and feathered population of the exposure „rookery“. In the east, predators coexist with the inhabitants „of the African savannah.“


A particular attention was paid to the arrangement of enclosures and quality maintaining of local residents. Now it meets all international standards.


Over the possessions of the zoo there stands the Museum “World of Animals“ on the several floors of which contain ocean dwellers as well as fauna of the Caspian Sea. Cleverly illuminated aquariums with colorful fish, sea anemones, starfish and shellfish are surprising and delightful.


The territory landscape is supplemented by artificial lakes and fountains. Greenery planted in the zoological garden, is just beginning to grow, but soon conifers will grow.