Mausoleum of Mohammed ibn Zayd

Not far from the ruins of the fortress wall Sultan-Kaly in ancient Merv is the mausoleum of Muhammad ibn Zayd. The first version of the building was built in 1112.What is he famous? Muhammad ibn Zayd became famous as a fallen hero of the national rebellion. VII to XI century the territory of the Merv oasis was ruled by Arab caliphs of the Umayyad. They began to introduce a new religion – Islam. The local population has long resisted, but the Arabs still won. All this was accompanied by bloodshed and group executions. One of the leaders of the popular uprising became Muhammad ibn Zayd, who was considered a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad family. The rebellion was brutally suppressed by the Arabs, and the leader of the rebels executed. Local residents were able to get only the head of Muhammad ibn Zayd, who was buried in the suburbs. Later on this place was built a small mausoleum of mud brick with a dome. For nine centuries, the building was repeatedly destroyed and reconstructed. The current mosque has three domes of clay. The walls are made ​​of mud bricks. Inside and outside complements the lining of brick.


Mosque decor is very neat, on the facade of brick lined with oriental arches, and inside the relief inscription indicates that there can appease Muhammad ibn Zayd. She also said that the construction carried out by order of Sharaf al-din Abu Tahir – the local ruler. Under one roof are connected mosque, the tomb and the prayer room.