In southern Turkmenistan in the delta of the Murghab River is surrounded by the Karakum sands, the town of Mary. It is the administrative center of Mary province, it is one of the five largest cities in Turkmenistan. The city grew after the capture of Turkestan by the Russian Empire. In 1884 on the site of the fortress and the village of Teke Russians built a military fortification, as a result of the city began to grow and develop. Initially it was called Merv, after lying in ruins, 30 km away of the ancient city. Later, in 1937, was renamed in Merv Mary. This name is used now.


You can get to the Mara by bus, by train and by plane. Recently, there have built new buildings and the airport bus terminal, the train station is also updated.


To visit Mary, and not to buy Turkmen handmade wool carpet is just silly. In Mary greatest choice, here you can find not only Tekin products and carpets woven by representatives of tribes Salor, Ersari, Sarykov and Yomud.


Many have heard about the famous Akhal-Teke horses, but to see them first hand is another matter. Be sure to look at these graceful animals, which anciently bred locals.


For tourists, the main attraction is the Historical Museum of Mary. The building is a white marble palace with columns and statues. Exhibit areas are occupied about 40 thousand exhibits. It’s all kinds of national arts and crafts ranging from carpets and finishing with silver ornaments, as well as clothes, utensils and more. The hall dedicated to the archaeological finds on display artifacts found in ancient settlement Merv.


Avid theater-goers can go to the show in the National Drama Theatre. Kemin. Marians care about the comprehensive development of the younger generation. The city has music and art schools, young technicians, sports school for children and young people, and several libraries.


The city is located in the area dedicated to cotton growing and gas extraction. These are the main products of Turkmenistan’s exports.


Turkmens respectful to the memory of poets and educators, in the town of Kemin installed sculptures Mollanepes and Makhtumkuli. No less honor they have heroes who perished in battle for their country. Monuments „Eternal Glory“ and „Motherland“ over the mass grave fallen in the Civil War. The memory of soldiers killed in World War II and during the period the Afghan fighting, immortalized in the memorial „Eternal Flame“.


As you can see, spend time in the Mara can be useful and interesting. Having studied the city, you can go on a tour of the ancient settlement of Merv. There is what to see and take pictures, and talk about going for hours. Has a medieval mausoleum Talhatan Baba also a short distance from the Mara.