Mountain peaks Almaty

Not only tourists and recovering the picturesque slopes beckon, here love to spend the weekend, having escaped from the stone strict geometry of the city, and the inhabitants of Almaty. In winter, the pristine white snow covers the mountain is so pleasant to write patterns ski track, or break through the downy snowflakes sparkling Christmas tree on a sled. In the summer, rich spicy smell of mountain flowers and painted with bright colors drops most unexpected mountain meadows and beckon lovers of picnics and just fans of natural beauty and extremely tasty pure air.


The nearest vertex Koktyube, decorate her head cone television tower, one of the favorite vacation spots. Getting here is not difficult, but on the journey and check all the beauty would be enough for half a day. For those who prefer to save power, there is a convenient cable car, which is hovering over the picturesque slopes leads vacationers straight to the top. You can not just wander through the fragrant alleys and curiously watch the seething life of a great city, but also enjoy surprisingly tasty dishes of the local Kazakh dishes from a selection of charming restaurants, or small but cozy cafe. Those who walks in the mountains have not enjoyed the full, open multiple paths and trails leading to Koktyube to have more solid tops and breathtaking passes.


In addition to health clinics and charming cottages in the mountains it has been built a lot of research stations such as the one that is intended for research activities of our luminaries and various cosmic rays. Here are several observatories designed for astrophysical studies, most of them were built in the regions, which allow particularly well to explore space, Kamenskiy Plato and on the spur of the pass Assy.


Mountain areas – it is also an ideal place for sports, good, that there are plenty of facilities for this purpose. Here is Medea, the famous stadium, where in addition to the ice rink, there is also a variety of other sporting activities, ski resort Chimbulak, various camping sites, holiday homes, as well as sports camps specifically for ordinary tourists or climbers involved climbing the mountain alone.


No wonder in recent years Almaty has become a real patrimony of professional and amateur sports. With so many facilities and a well-developed infrastructure, the city managed to win more than one prestigious prize, to take on its open spaces such vivid events as „Asian Games 2011“, several stages of the World Cup ski jumping, one of the stages of the world „Grand Prix 2013 „volleyball. It is also satisfied with the „Tour of Almaty“, a professional cycling race. Residents and visitors were able to attend, and at the World Boxing Championships. Getting hot tour there will hardly one of these activities.


Even today in Almaty is erected many new sports facilities, the city happily anticipating the coming 2017 Winter Universiade. For this event, Almaty acquires a new sports village and is building a new Ice Palace.


In the south of the city framed by the sharp teeth of a cardiogram line of mountain peaks that soar to the very clouds, resting snow-capped peaks in the vast blue sky.These mountains are bright names Talgar, Nursultan and Big Almainsky. Their height ranges from 3680 to 5000 meters, so that the mountains are quite comparable with the most breathtaking mountain ranges of the Alps or the Rocky Mountains.