Medeo Valley

Fans will appreciate the natural beauty of the unique dignity of every holiday in Kazakhstan. Rest in Uzbekistan do not bestow so lavishly. Inimitable dramatic in its beauty in the suburbs of Almaty is a unique valley, which bears the sonorous name of Medeo. Only fifteen kilometers away, and the capital of South hotel in Kazakhstan from this cozy corner, to open spaces where you can truly enjoy the natural beauty of this unique region. But not only breathtaking pastoral scenery, where the dramatic rhythm of the mountains adjacent to the peaceful charm of the emerald lush meadows, is famous for this region. There really have something to entertain themselves and fans of all kinds of active sports. Brave dizzying assault of hiking trails – only one of them. Most of all this place is famous for its ice complex. In a secluded corner of a smile bared his teeth in a rocky gorge paved the various tracks ski resort, one of the most well-designed, and developed in Central Asia. To conquer dizzying slopes, the snow cover allows for six months with a dank November and sunny April. Fans will appreciate the beauty of the man-made monumental construction of the dam, which is unchanged concrete Stepa is the guardian of peace inhabitants of the city, and is designed to protect Almaty from mudflows. See this construction is possible even with the aircraft performing flight Uzbek airline in the former capital of the Kazakh Soviet Republic.