The street of Tamara Khanum, 1/41 is known to many residents of Uzbekistan, because it was there, far from the bustling city center, a woman who became a real pearl for the inhabitants of this country. Tamara Khanum, after whom the street was named, was a great singer, a dancer who devoted her whole life to devotional service to art.

While still a girl, she appeared on stage for the first time. The natural attraction, built by Armenian roots (Tamara’s real name – Petrosyan), helped the girl to enter the theater technical school, after which she immediately fell into the wings of the most famous cities in Europe. However, quickly gaining fame, the girl did not stop there. Thanks to correspondence with the world’s leading artists, she diligently helped to open theaters throughout Uzbekistan to give young people the opportunity to reveal themselves without leaving, as she herself, to Moscow.

A talented dancer soon received an invitation to sing in the Uzbek Philharmonic Society, to which the 30-year-old woman was very happy. Tamara’s uniqueness was that she gave people songs and also dance folklore of the whole world. From this moment a new life line of the already famous singer began. Speaking in different countries, she brought traditional outfits, as well as new songs, the performance of which was so perfect, as if she were transmitting her own national culture.

The woman repeatedly performed during the Great Patriotic War, supporting the spirit of the soldiers fighting with fascism. For this, Tamara was given the rank of captain. An outstanding singer and dancer left in 1991, and three years later Tamara Khanum’s house-museum was opened in honor of the great and beloved artist. In it, visitors are exposed to the stories of the singer’s life and creativity, as well as the opportunity to get acquainted with the unique collection of outfits from all over the world, in which the beautiful and inimitable Tamara Khanum performed.