Phantom of the Opera

By the will of fate, anyone can get into trouble. Here you will choose a tour of Uzbekistan, you will arrive on the street. Kunayev, near the hotel Russia, you’ll go to the opera house to have a nice rest. And here, here’s your time. You will meet the amazing opera Diva. You will see with your own eyes how wonderful and talented she is. Just Deity! Now! She’ll be on the stage very soon and you’ll enjoy her gorgeous voice. But no … Unexpectedly Diva disappeared. And you saw her last. Either you, or a local ghost kidnapped beauty. The police do not believe in mysticism, to your misfortune. You have an hour – find a miracle and a ghost. And prove that you’re completely out of the box.


Number of people: 2-4 people.
Duration: 60s
Difficulty: 4
Age: 12 years old