Customs office

Tourists who arrived in the Republic of Uzbekistan have the right to import the following:


The national currency of the Republic is „sum“;

The sum should not exceed fifty minimum wages, which are established by the legislation of Uzbekistan. Imported currency, the exact amount must be specified in the declaration, except in cases when the amount does not exceed five minimum wages. Form T – 6 for the declaration.

A tourist has the right to import an unlimited amount of foreign currency.


Cash foreign currency can be imported into the territory of Uzbekistan – in any quantity. Restrictions – no. But, the only clarification, while in the form of a declaration it is necessary to specify the exact amount of the imported currency. Form T – 6. At your request, you can deposit your amount for preservation on receipt form TS – 21. The amount of the amount is unlimited.


Import of consumer goods.


In order not to pay customs fees, you have the right to import goods for your personal use, if their value does not exceed $ 10. In accordance with Article 7 of the CUSTOMS CODE of the Republic of Uzbekistan, currency values ​​also enter into the concept of „goods“ and as stated in Article 164 of the CUSTOMS CODE of the Republic of Uzbekistan, undeclared goods or not declared in written or other forms are considered to be a gross violation of customs legislation. “


It is prohibited to import into the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan:


Photos, negatives, photo films, manuscripts of any subject, as well as works of print, clichés, various drawings, disks with movies, audio and sound materials that aim to undermine the state system or violate territorial integrity or state sovereignty. It is also forbidden to import any materials (video, audio, etc.) that propagate violence, nationalism, war, terrorism, racism (as well as any forms of its manifestation), as well as material containing pornographic content.

It is prohibited to import any narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances without special permission from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, rare species of animals or plants, medicinal, ornamental and food plants, jewelry of precious metals of any type, medicines or medical equipment, radio electronic means, products of various animals or vegetable origin, ozone-depleting substances without special permission from the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Cyprus Uzbekistan faces.


When registering the imported goods at the customs office, individuals are required to MEMBERLY register this person as an entrepreneur who has the right to carry out export-import operations.


It is forbidden to export from Uzbekistan:


Grain, such as: barley, rice, oats, buckwheat, corn, wheat, rye;

Any baked goods;

Bird, cattle;

Flour or cereal;

Meat and any meat products, as well as food products of poultry;

Sugar in any quantity;

Various objects of antiquity, including paintings, sculptures. All that is of historical value;

Vegetable oil and cream;

Fur – fur raw materials, tannery, sentry raw materials;

Non-ferrous metals and scrap;

Animals, plants of all kinds, which are listed in the World Red Book;

Silkworm cocoons that are suitable for unwinding, as well as raw silk (untwisted) and silkworm waste (loosened waste);

Objects of antiquity and various works of art (sculptures, drawings, leather, crystal products, precious stones and metals, porcelain, art clothes, books, musical instruments of all kinds, stamps or any other things and instruments that represent cultural, scientific or artistic value.


After buying a souvenir, do not forget to ask the seller for a check on the purchased goods. You can present it at the customs post or when departing from Uzbekistan. So you can prove that the product is not antiques and does not represent any cultural or scientific value. Antiques in the Republic of Uzbekistan – a product that has from 75 years more.