Museum of Russian Art

The building is located near the picturesque Grand Cascade, which runs Blanker flow steps to the charming green square, houses the unparalleled Armenian art collection owned by Russian authors. Tour Operators of Armenia advised to come here all the fans of the beautiful. The uniqueness of this museum complex is not only an amazing collection of masterpieces of painting and sculpture, but also in how that wealth was collected and transferred to the museum. A true fan of all that is beautiful, he focused his attention on the masterpieces of Russian masters. However, the passion for collecting was stronger than the other, more powerful force of sincere love for his homeland of Armenia, and the desire to share the amazing beauty of the true treasures of their people. That is why in the eightieth year of the last century physician Abrahamyan decided to transfer all items in Yerevan, with the request to set up a museum, where the residents of Armenia could get acquainted with the masterpieces of art. According to him, he knew how in its historic homeland, people appreciate and love the culture of Russia, and that is what inspired him all the treasures convey it to Yerevan, and not to open a similar museum in Moscow, where he was at that time lived and worked for decades . The museum is located near the most comfortable hotels in Armenia.


Amazing and the fate of the great master. He was born in an Armenian family living in Tiflis (now Tbilisi) at the end of the nineteenth century. After completing secondary education he enrolled in the army and participated in the most terrible and famous battles of World War I, which took place here in the Middle East. In his eyes unfolded a terrible and chilling picture of destruction of the Armenian people by the government of the Ottoman Empire, as well as the desperate and full of mournful courage attempts of Armenians to defend their right to exist and live in peace in their native land, which culminated in the Battle of Sardarapat. Horrific pictures of this first in human history, a devastating war, when the victims are not counted in the hundreds and thousands and millions, and the terrible details of the extermination of the civilian population permanently discouraged youth from violence. He began to dream of a career man who fights for his life, not against it.


It began training the future luminaries of medicine in the Caucasian Institute, and he continued it in the capital of the Soviet state, Moscow. Talent A. Abrahamian really lay in healing, because by the middle of the twentieth century, he has held the top post in the urological clinic MONICA (Moscow Regional Research Institute), and the same position in the department at the Kremlin hospital. Abrahamyan was known not only for his scientific work, which won him fame as an outstanding scientist, but also as a brilliant expert and a talented surgeon who carried out the most difficult operations. He stands at the head of the society of physicians and scientists in the Soviet Union address issues of Urology.


However, not only in the field of medicine lay sphere talented doctor interests – having sensitive taste for everything beautiful (probably, here not the last role played by the theater of operations), a talented doctor slowly began to gather a unique treasury of Russian art. Abrahamyan had an exceptional gift to try to discover the true masterpieces. But without another of its quality, constant care of any creation, met him on the road, whether it be a person or a painting, not all masterpieces have survived to this day. That is why Professor tirelessly cared for the collection and gave the affected items in the hands of talented restorers. On the acquisition of masterpieces Abrahamyan did not spare funds, the benefit at that time very popular Russian art did not use and purchase these masterpieces was perhaps that there is no one. The doctor preferred to rely not only on their taste preferences, but also take into account the opinion of experts, and therefore before the next fill up the collection sample collected from the council of art and artists. As a result, for several decades A. Abrahamyan won the truly unique treasure, one of the largest private collections of Russian art in the Soviet Union. That’s when he was visited by the idea that these wonderful works should have a chance to evaluate other people, those who purchase these masterpieces were simply not available. The decision was not easy – but the collector and his wife, Maria Abrahamyan strictly followed him and were able to give up so lovingly chosen collection opening in a pretty heart Yerevan Museum of Russian Art.


Most amazing of all is that in the last two decades a lively interest in the world is to the subjects of Russian art has increased incredibly. They seek out the auctions for them to pay fabulous sums, collectors, literally plowed virgin soil of private collections in search of rare specimens of art. Against this background, excitement, free gift A. Abrahamian looks like a true example of boundless philanthropy, which could afford millionaires late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


Now a professor collected the masterpieces occupy two floors of the museum. From beautiful paintings and graphic art worthy of mention are the works Vrubel, Benoit, Serov, Kustodiev, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Korovin and Roerich. There is also a magnificent specimens of sculpture belonging to the talented hand of Gunzburg, Antokolsky and curry Belleza. In the third room, in a shining casket rectangular window is enclosed amazing specimens of workshops Russian and German porcelain factories.


The exclusivity of the collection gives and what you can see not only the masterpieces of individual artists, but also paintings and other art objects collected by belonging to a certain artistic circles. And not some simple, and so are named as „Blue Rose“, „World of Art“, „Jack of Diamonds“ and so on. Most of the artists, are exhibited here, not only made ​​a strong contribution to the development of the native culture of the country, but also had an exceptional impact on the force in the subsequent figures. Visit this institution should definitely be included in the program of the tour in Armenia .


There is carried out a broad research and education, but only one arrangement of the museum organizers were not limited. In an effort to involve the younger generation and to the masterpieces of Russian classics, they organize traveling exhibitions, invite young visitors to an entertaining lecture, organized a variety of activities. Russian Art Museum in the capital of Armenia – is a real cultural center of the living and developing, as well as continuing the noble cause of its founding father – an acquaintance of the Armenian people with the art of their neighbor. So as in the relationship of these two cultures promises to be born even a lot of valuable works of great artistic value.


To get to these welcoming walls, you just get to the Grand Cascade – the museum is located in the house 38 on Isahakyan street. For the latest exhibitions and interesting events, as well as on work hours, you will be told on the phone 562 156.