Arabic restaurant „Al Shadi“

A small corner of the luxurious East as if descended from the ornate mosaic illustrations of fairy tales „Thousand and One Nights“, this is a wonderful restaurant „Al Shadi“. However, the only restaurant this place is difficult to call. Rather, it is a fascinating excursion into the lush and fascinating Arabic culture. The name translates as sweet melody. And here are trying to involve all receptors visitors. Bright colors and complex patterns pleasing to the eye, gentle melodies, quiet wave, filling the space, caress the ear, warm and velvet fabrics and cling to the palms, and the food just melts in your mouth. So that only increased the appetite of guests, in addition to the beautiful dishes they offer and the enchanting spectacle of traditional dance and amazing live performances. If languid bliss that accompanies a meal worthy of the Sultan, you are not completely defeated – and you can take part in some colorful action. By the way, if you are interested in it is a spectacle rather than bread, it is necessary to book a table from Thursday to Sunday – it is in these days here show absolutely amazing show, and therefore also the entrance to this place will be paid. Meanwhile, such a spectacle you cannot see and in other Eastern countries, for example, during a vacation in Uzbekistan.


The restaurant is relatively small – about fifty people located in the cozy common room, but if you want more privacy, you can book one of the two separate offices. Moreover, choosing a VIP lounge to taste, is to decide what you prefer – a Persian or Arabic style. The latter, in addition to the ceremonial table, ready to take celebrating horde offers a sofa, on which so convenient to stretch out and play one or two games of chess or checkers, depending on the mood. Board games are in the richly adorned with niches, which in addition are plush pillows. And the walls are decorated with beautiful paintings, and at the same time and a large LCD TV, which is not only connected to a satellite dish, but it can show a select group as a fun crowd in the common room, and what a show there at the moment show. The cheap travel program this cheerful evening to go down is unlikely, but if you have the means, this restaurant is worth a visit.


Persian room rather created for pampering and relaxation, rather than for eating dishes. Or for eating dishes in luxury. In any case, in this hall reigns a huge, lush cushions and tempting its softness Persian sofa. To create a more intimate atmosphere with three sides is a box shield light, patterned curtains. The room also has a TV and a table with chairs.


In some chambers are usually arranged cozy company, to celebrate a birthday, enjoy some family date fun after successfully concluded transaction, or simply sit down mentally. Only VIP apartment can eat cigarette smoke – smoking is not allowed in the common room.


The restaurant cooks are famous for the ability to cook delicious and spicy Arabic dishes. Armenian tour operators recommend this place the true fans of oriental delicacies. Salads, soft cold and hot appetizers, juicy meat dishes and amazing sweet delights, all this can be enjoyed both in the individual chambers, and in the main room of the restaurant. In the appendage to the excellent food here offer an amazing collection of all kinds of drinks, alcoholic and otherwise. What only do here fragrant blend, but softer than all the regulars are fruity tobacco varieties. Hookah on the water – it’s too landed, and because visitors indulge hookah on wine, milk and brandy. In summer, the restaurant offers an outdoor terrace, enjoying the warm weather in Yerevan and evening twilight. Visitors here are usually a lot, so if you plan to hike here, ask the hotel employees Armenia, where you stay, book a table for you.


„Al Shadi“ hospitably opens the doors at noon, and closed only at midnight. And he works seven days a week.




Tel .: (+ 374-10) 54 60 45

Mob .: (+ 374-99) 90 40 90

Address: RA, Yerevan, 48 Nalbandyan