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Taking Uzbekistan tour, orthodox people will never do without visiting prayer house inside Botkin cemetery. This christian enshrinement’s considered oldest within Toshkent. Its location — Botkinskoye burial ground. It also built by first Russian-speaking population committing resettlement toward Central Asia.

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Approximately 1902, church construction began. Funds were allocated by Turkestan region Military Department. There appeared additional donations. Among them, big generals and merchants money. Thus, finances donated by commercial adviser Ivanov, constructed foundations laminated with gold including wood, iconostas. Following humans took part in constructing:
Architect — A. A. Burmeister;
Engineering, formation operations head — Fyodor Smirnov;
Proto-priest who consecrated cathedral — Konstantin Bogoroditsky;

Throughout church’s existence centuries, many moments’ve been experienced. Presumably 1920s, updaters seized cathedral-palace. Christianly movement emerged past 1917, when February Revolution took place in Russia. Only after Second World War that institution was re-handed towards conservative believers.

Later, earthquake occurred overthere, dating back one thousand nine hundred’nd sixti-six, caused terrible fire. Facing these events, sanctuary begins restoration works. 1996, saints’ graves, located inward Botkin’s churchyard, became supplementarily restored. Eventually, orthodoxy complex look’s changed. Everyone can see that by making Tashkent excursion itinerary. During recent years, large-scale redevelopment activities carried out from 2011 to 2014. Building’s facade reconditione, besides, neighborhood surroundings ennobled. Keep in touch with respectable company Elite Tours International offering gorgeous jorneys.


Moderately work done;

Aligned all brick masonry curves, updated domes. Placed building facade-icons under modern plastic window. Installed metal bases, beautiful arches around supporting walls’n arcs territory, chants balcony got reconstructed. They implemented insulated floor, originated electrical wiring change. Supplemental lighting attached onto ceiling. Iconostasis now became marble, some of its fragments covered with gilding. Altar space has increasingly been reestablished. In front of domicile, on small ground-space, new church-shop came erected. Reconstruction procedure additionally accomplished inwards chapel allowing hold rites in winter.


Contemporary interior & exterior;

At present, edifice appearance transformed dramatically. Facade’s made like blue white, decoratively lined with crystalline limestone. Dome area — sky-blue hue. There’re, likewise three bells, whose total weight two hundred’n fifty kilograms, manufactured in Tashkient. Church-interior possesses sea-colored panelings, decorated with colorful frescoes. There’r sacrificial victims’ faces icons, angels illustrated on partitions.

Across hall center’s largest fresco depicting holy trinity having pigeon form, flying with open wings. Over lower’nd lateral parts, artist depicted heavenly beings, archangels praying for human sins, confidently led by John Baptist. Alexander Nevskiy pantheon shrines:
“Iver” icon, which depicts God’s Mother;
Saint Luke Voyno-Yasenetsky relics;
Uzbek travel agency, developing Uzbeks excursions plan, certainly, includes Christ-centered tabernacles into mandatory visits list.


How to get there;

If someone goes megachurch on subway, nearest station’ll be stop “Machinosozlar” (“Machine Builders”). You’ll have to walk another twenty minutes, whitch is 1.5 kilometre. Then turn secondary Pahlavon Mahmood street pass. Afterward, proceed through Ulughbek Avenue enter graveyard on Botkinsk boulevard. It’ll be easier use land transport. Because bus-stop called Botkina near procathedral. Buses # 1, 14, 16, 21, 44, 80.

Moreover, you could exert your own or rented automobile. Ther’re parking lots next to Alexender Nevskey Church-mansion. Therein, visit worship-house, leaving car avoiding occasional problems. Most popular way to reach yours designated locations using taxi-service. Conurbation hast mobile corporation labelled Yandex transfer.

Drivers, quickly, safely, comfortably, sometimes financially available deliver passengers anywhere round city. Other services operate practicing similar scheme: City-Taxi, Mytaxi, Milliy Taxi, Unitaxi. Those who joined Uzbekistan trip, probably satisfied. Furthermore, undoubtedly, would want return to this sunny, truly hospitable country.