Before asking for Samarkand travel tickets, you need to know about city’s attractions. Here everyone can observe beautiful chantey buildings that once again confirm Uzbek people tolerance.


Confessor Georgy great sufferer’s church;
For the first time, pro cathedral building named after St. G. Triumphant was founded in 1868. Skillfully designed by architect V.B. Lemke. Institution belonged military department. But in one thousand nine hundred and twenty-four, true believer Georgiy’s parish closed. August five next year, transferred to use of a small cemetery chapel. There, daily service wos resumed. Famous company Elite Tours International continues to delight tourists offering indescribable travels.

About 1927, clergy secured authorities’ consent to erect summer construction at enshrinement for worship. Starting August-month twenty-five, 1929, orthodox consortium has been registered officially, correspondingly received appropriate identity certificate.


Temple’s development;
Since 1937, monastery got bought. Erection located on site of existing dignified sufferer Georgi Vanquishing megachurch. Church’s owner was certain Yunia, orthodox-community nun. Approximately 1946, this prayer-building gotten re stationed toward St. George’s Community House intendance. In 1958, decree became issued by Archbishop Ermogen, who stated that praying-house will be called cathedral.

Same day edifices become sanctified. Today, conventional minster visited by many parishioners. On weekdays, their quantity rarely exceeds ten-twenty humans. Nevertheless, during sanctuary celebrations could be counted up till 150-200 orthodoxies. Contact Uzbekistan tour agency, boldly book genuinely best trips.
Location in Samorkand: Birlik Street sixty-six. Post office code: 703,000
Telephone number: (998-662) 33-05-42
Religious institution senior priest at present moment: Dimitry Kozulin, holding arch priest rank.