Узбекистан на Великом Шелковом Пути

Uzbek sun illuminated location is very evident. What could be more advantageous than being almost inside center of track intersections of Big Silken Roadway? At that time construction, craft, country’s culture were rapidly developing. Moreover, emergence of Superlative Floss Pathway is Uzbekistan’s merit itself. It is kingdoms riches upon territory of present Uzbekiston and Azerbaijan that amazed Chinese ambassadors led alongside pioneer Zhang Qian. He told his Lord about land’s luxury describing people’s civilisation. Especially Tsar surprised incredible sky racehorses, which he wanted to get. So the Major Flossy Highway appeared. Its appearance enabled Sogdians arrange their commercial colonies throughout entire journey. Fergana racing colts started trading between several countries, further stones, fabrics from various materials.

Now sightseeing tours to Uzbekistan can show visitors towns that once wer Silk Road guiding stars, telling their story. For example, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent, Khiva stayed irreplaceable cultural Sales Points. Courageous walls preserve memory of dozens of gains, prosperity, conurbations beauty and whole nation. In sunny country you would feel safe, forget worries, just relax plunging into delightful landscapes.