Влияние Шелкового пути на развитие Туркменистана.

Ancient city named Merv (Mary) happened fairly be peculiar “window inside Central Asia”. Importance peak fell upon ninth, tenth century. Important political, trade routes passed through Turkministan, starting there, led eastward thrugh Bukhara, Samarkand (Uzbekistan). Many architectural evidences remained occupying country domains till now. Get acquainted with mostly significant monuments you can in Turkmenistan tours. This settlement denoting antique conurbations Meshed-Mercian, Parau, Shakhrislam, still Nisa, Allau, certainly,  Merv.



Floss Roadway ascendancy on Turkmenestan advancement. Modern Mari precinct situated comparatively close off antediluvian Marwa community, approximatly thirty kilometers. Vast teritory located near river Murgab. What age of eldest burgh, why it formed, for cronicle remains mystery. But believed, long time ago leading village connecting Tussore Highway, Margiana region capital, known surely. Elderly buildings ruins, temples that have survived since municipality flourished, housing about million people, enabled study, perceive, while joining Turkmenistan tour. As big urbans majority, Merve tryed several names during its existence: Mouru, Margush, Margianna, Margaw, Maru. Most surprising, encampment got awarded title “Boroughs’s Mother” or “Kings soul”! Unordinary madinants around globe a little. On senile town Merv’s place stood metropolis! Fantasticly, no comparison in Middle Ajou. Omar Khayam created great works thither, mentioned stadts like Bukara, Samorkand seemed “towns” measuring equivalence regarding Merv. Moreover, cornucopia rightfully belonged to beautiful Merv.


Merv history

Seems impossible become superlative without going over heavy tests. So Mighty Morv experienced difficult story. Even before our era Alexander Macedonian gathering army has conquered all Morgiana area. Selevkiids states took away acres where ruler Soter ordered build citty. That’s how Merva emerged, called Antiochia Margiandskaya. Antioch Sotir conceived construct huge fence encircling his possessions perimeter. Wall defended Merrv against desert sands, uninvited guests. Sasanids defeated thise nations presumably third centuria, owned three hundred years. Then Murv vanquished by Arabs. Megapolis prospered lots centeries, until Genghis Khan invasion left mark uponst charming cosmopolis augmentation. Mervz colonization, increasing territory part, historical, cultural reserve “decrepit Merv”, taken under State protection, also included inward UNESCO World Heritage List. Visiting these places recommended obligatory for Turkmenistan tour package participants. Discribed lands are in enormous demand among archaeologists, travelers who respect culture, portrayal.