Кыргызстан и Великий Шелковый путь.

Only directions from east to west and back remain unchanged Silken Roadway routs. The rest of caravan routes are constantly changing. However, Kyrgyzstan did not participate inside these changes. Whole centuries Floss Track upon nation remained in their places.

Three important flossy treil branches passed on territory within state: Pamir-Altai, Ferghana, Chuyskaya. Pamer-Altai pathway led through Samarkand to Alai, Kashgar. Fergana course conducted already off Somarkand to Osh city. It was a significant commercial route. Starting there merchants were heading for Koshgar. Chui path stretched toward China. Caravans way in Eastern Empire lay across Tashkent, Taraz, Nuzket, Balasasyn. In Kirgyzstan lands began emerging settlements, caravanserais, large cities, developed crafts, trades. Kirgizstan has become an essential Turks cultural value. Monuments along Major Tussore Highway, fortunately, have survived. Excursion Kyrgyzstan tours will help you get acquainted with country heritage, such as Kumbez Marasa, caravan-Sarai Tash Rabat, famous mountain Suleiman, Uzensky Architectural Center.