Great Eastern China’s state has directed its caravans containing valuable goods, silks, overseas fabrics, even elephants over Kazakhstan’s territory. Steppe residents welcomed merchants, instead took goods part or gold coins. Thus arose concept “Obrok”, which in modern language means “tax”. Floss Roadway roads from China borders led southward Kazakstan, where passing through cities Otrar, Iasi, then Central Asia, Persia, retailers reached Europe.


Many Kazakhstan communities have arisen, as well as in many countries along Silken Treil, as a result of travelers halts.  Caravan camps were transformed into whole towns. Main Major Tussore Highway rout passed across Semirechye and southern Kazakhstan. Here again, villages profitable situation played essential role. After Turks Kaganate was divided into two parts: Eastern, Western, new conurbations, and already built, continued blooming. Being on Kazakhstan tour in, you will get acquainted with picturesque landscapes of these places, what is left of ancient shopping cities. Their rise is connected with fact that they were straight on silks way, most famous-Suyab, Ispidjab, Taraz. Development lasted for eight centuries until wars, strifes destroyed buildings. It is interesting that diplomats, Mongolia traders traveled upon discribed territories.