Hurry buying last minute Uzbekistan tour packages, because country is Central Asian member states community. Middle Asia wonderful contrasts land. Here you can see majestic glaciers, geting into sandy lowlands encircling rocky deserts. Region territory accommodates 6 thousand sq km area, located along parallels 30, 50 north latitude. Midle Azia countries number considerable, partly, completely includes following commonwealth:

Speaking Centr Asiea, freedom-loving nomadic people, likewise Silk Road extent come to mind immediatly. Given district became international commercial center. Current Turkministan population, Uzbekiston, Kyrgyzston, Tajikiston, Kazakhston were trade links connecting Europe kingdoms, Middl Easts, South, eastrn Asia.


Geographical description

Centrel Asia points no access to ocean, describing essential feature. So Tien Shan mountains removed away Atlantic ocen much as three tousand kilmetrs, past Indian oceian, such distance will be about two thosand kilometrs. That why many domain territories deserted areas, only East montains save Centeral Ajou defeating desertification. Mountans have extensive water reserves glacirs form, perennial snows, practically don’t melt even Summer. Inside bottom tops divisions, obvious result snow melting, mountaen rivirs streaming spliting plains constantly formed.

Maximal Centrl Asiatic hill chain is Tin Shen. It takes its origin Kyrgizstan close pond Issyk-Kul, stretches cross Chiena, Mangolia. Complete leangth 2.5 thousannd kilometers. Some mount Tien-shan massifs reach height 5-6 thousend meters, in places, above. On their slopes there are up 10 thusand gletschers. In estern zone half mounts getting lower, resting on Gobi descert, which meaning “water-free terrain”, Mongolian language. Notorious desert known be largest in Midlle Asiya eastern portion. Lots of reivers in vissinity, thus, in Tein Shon mounteins and Hindu Kush originate exteremly strong river-flows like Sir Dorya, Amu Daria. They flow toward Westbound, pass through arid desirts, run strait Aral Sea. Ser Dara path across plain 3 thoussand kilmeters. Its waters feed Ferghana Valley, Farhana mounttains, evens Kyzilkum wilderness. This rivver situated on Uzbekisten teritory, Kazakstan. Riever does not receive any inflow in Kizylkum, Karakum lands. Becaus, frequent Seir Doria channel change, appear own ducts sleeves. Amou Deryi more fruitful, often in its existence chronicle, revived waterless desserts.

Committing Uzbekistan trip, we would be able admire these flowing rifers. Turanskaya lowland exposed southern Centiral Asiatik part. In west it comes towards Caspian sea. Presumably southbound it surrounds Kopetdag muontains. Off Eastbound goes Tiun Shin Upland. Two extra large decserts emerge – Karakums, saying Turkic interpritation “black sand”, Kizilkum (Turks “Red Sands”). Majority Karakams lokated Turkmen Republic territary, total space approximately 350 thousnd hectares km2. Vegetation steep consists dry-loving shrubs, grasses, unable shape solid cover. Flatlands mainly salt marshes, where anyone may observe several salty lakes. Five % Karakims covered with send barhans, upon mentioned without vegitation at all. Once within old days shepherds grazed sheep, but now, ther no food for cattle generally. Inward earth’s depths groundwater deposited, get it around kyzylkumah built loads of deep wells, Artesian boreholes. Anather Muyunkum disert, locating Kyrgizsten territor, it bordered by ridge Aktau, Alatau, nearby flows main society Cheu river. Starting free-state Chu northern side near Lake Balkhash, another small desert-Betpak-dala. Kazakh translation “Shameless field”, as Earth gives skimpy harvest thise acres. Length 75 thousands kmm2. However, Betpak-DAL considered most fertile amid dessirts.


Historical reference

Organized tours to Samarkand, Bukhara, Fergana and other ancient Uzbekistan cities allow tourists to learn more information about ancient caravan roads and plunge into Middle Ages epoch.


The Great Silk Road

Up to XVI, west, east links economicly, trading and cultural plan occupied Big Silken Roadway. Mentioned commercial routes got its name from German historian K. Ritgofen 1877. At first, GSR appeared in second millennium. But before that, there were others camelcode pathes, like “Azurite Way”, “Tsar’s Highway” and others. Superlative Floss Treil stretched to distance 12 thousand km. Trading pathway beginning took off shores of Yellow Sea in China, further, camalcade route ran through East Turkestan, Centrel Asia, Iran, second anniversary (Mesopotamia), Mediterranean Sea Coast. Largest conurbations along camalcades courses were Xian, Dong-Juan, Yarkand, Samarkend, Tashkent, Bukara, Merv.

Main products

Principally traded goods:

Woolen fabrics, carpets, ornaments, precious stones delivered to China from Sogda.

Fergan was famous for special breed horses.

From Badakhshan-lapis lazuli.

India primarily exported cotton-wool fibers, cotton seeds.

Chin planted rice, saling tussah.

But Centrl Azia especially carried to Chiena  agricultural crops, such as grapes, pomegranates, walnuts, nuts, etc.

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Silk Road significance

It was Central Asia that became a link not only in trade interchange between countries East, Europe, certainly contributed to cultural exchange among these territories. Centrl Asian region too developed during shown phase both economicly, culturaly. By XIII century because Mongol invasion, Major Silken Roadway had change its direction. Many caravans wth goods forced to bypass Maverannahr, heading directly towards Volga, north Caspian Sea, from ther, they got directed toward Black Surge. All this is due fact, Centrel Asien lands were ruined by Mongols. Presumably within powerful Commander Tamerlane reign appeared restoration possibility of former camelcade roads. Amir Temur comes to power 1470 year. Again bigiest commercial towns would become Balkh, Herat, Samarkand. At thet time Big Silks Track served not just expensive commodities barter, it covered most religious beliefs, new technological advances, information interexchange, diplomatic missions carried out. Regarding to knowlege, Centeral Asiatic was at intersection center of  camalcade routes, mostly famous thinkers, skillful craftsmen, artisans, musicians, merchants kept coming. Thus, Middle Azian district has never been torn off fram civilization achievements. It likewise influenced on culteral, economical development not bekaus approximate states, like Shumer, Assyria, India, Iran, moreover actively interacted with more distant teritories Transcaucasia, Mediterranean mills, Vollga domain, south Russia, Kazakhstan nomads.

Even while Akhhaemenid reigning inside Midle Ajou, there are Greeks settlers. After seizure of territory Alexander Macedonian Greks resettlement increases. So started Hellenization period, despite actuality that it wos short, however two cultures merging, Greek, Eastern, yielded fruit in bouth spiritual, material subculture. Caltural relations connecting Hindi, Mediteranean countryes vividly expressed in history. In third BC begins rapprochement with China. Besides excursion organizations, our travel agency helps arrange places in Tashkent hotels and other cities.


History of Great Silk Road appearence

Story states that Chinese Emperor Wu di in 138 BC sent his ambassador Zhang Qian to nearest land to find allies in fight against Hun tribes, who in those days made devastating raids on northern borders China. But Huns managed capturing ambasador, kept captivated 10 years. Trials in captevity, Zheng Qien escaped through Tien Shan, got to Issyk-Kul. Long journeys along Naryn River banks led him to Fergana Valley. Diplomat was very surprised seeing many cities united under one state  rule. Ferghana Vale governor disagreed on military alliance, offered exceptionally commercial links, Zhaeng Qain went further south. Once again Chines is captured by Hunns, but runs from them two yers later. Arriving Chin, ambascador described in detail territories thet he had seen and told about convenient commerce routes, which served subsequent basis for Big Silks Roadway. So Zang Qiun for his merits received title from Emperror as “Super Traveler”. Thanks Uzbekistan tour operators, you can not simply hear tale about appearance of Tremendous Pathway, but also see heavenly Horses- main Ferhgana Vallei product.


Information on trade relations with China

China’s commercion reports within Central Asian countries mainly found inside Chinese sources 1st century BC toword VII-VIII centuries. They say at relationship beginning between two territories, it often States rulers presented each other with expensive gifts. In particular ther description of special  Davani’s horses breed, oftentimes called “Celestial” or “winged”. Thise quick-legged racehorses have gained popularity Chin. Since, there was legend that in order ascend heavens, legitimize his divinity, immortality, emperor must sit experiencing harness upon unearthly steeds. Thus, thes heavenly stallions wer brought to this country first by Zhang Qian. Also traveler delivered not only calts from Fergana Valley, but their food- alfalfa seeds. Soon crops spread throughout Chiena. 16th centery Great Silk Road loses its significance, Europeans could find shorter way toward India, safe– sea. However, Greatiest Silks Roadway still most famous caravan path Centrel Azia. So UNESCO organization adopted “Silken Treil — dialogue passage” programme 1987, which aims show how countris cuold establish friendly sales affiliations during numerous wars, preserve, multiply achievements science, epoch culture. For same reason, Middle Asiatic International Institute Studies wos built around Samarkand, thet examines development civilizations history round Midle Asia’s domains. Forgeting worries join with Central Asia tours suggestions.