Великий Шелковый Путь в период арабского завоевания. Туры по Великому шелковому пути

Arab caliphate impact on development of GSR

Arab’s era made significant contribution advancement of GSR, prolonged date connected trading between asietic nations, western Eurasia domains. Political unrest failed disruption commerciel relations amid period. Arabian merchants kept tough control all means particular, leading from Chinese, Mongolian side. Today Uzbek airlines allow short interval be on Immence Tussah Pathway, plunge into ancient oriental atmosphere. X-XII centeries Khorezm conceived particularly lively co-trading. Located low reaching Amu Darya, southbound Aral lake, acted intermediary amongst nomadic steppes humans, Volga coastal areas inhabitants. Urgench coffles went toward Otrar, already ther followed Chiena, other connection conducted across Buhara southward. Off Bukhara stretched branched roads, one turned Cathay, alternative over Hindu Kush proceeded Indeia.

Ethnical convertion durant prime Enormous Tussore Itinarary.

Major Flossy Highway rightly reckoned utmost important orientale achievement. Vast teritories starting Mediteranean Sea to Pacific experienced mutual barter among peoples not onliest substantial terms, spiritualy, culturaly. Culture interexchange, crafts, beliefs, knowledge enriched ours ancestors heritage. Chapmen unfrightened climatic conditions, warlike nomads, hungry Middle Asiatic deserts, their sandy storms.

Fiber general item

Tusah advented, plenty changed China’s industrial creating. Many ages suggested produce experiencing both ups and downs. People worried upon “silken fever”. Excellent cloth manufactured initialy 4 tousand senescences back, although lots archihistorians believe, they invented doblure 7 thousand caducities ago. Second kingdom where textile spread is Hindo, though no exact opinion concerning fact. Authoritative historians claim, fabrication disseminated first Japon (IV B.C.), only then Hindustan. Within IV-I centuries caravans route loaded mount engendered penetrate Egypt, then beneath Greco-Romans governing. Rome started wear florete garments presumably 46 B.C., but too much such high-priced weaves caused society condemnation, thusly it tried replace buying cheaper material. 16 BC Rom Senate even considered wearing flloret immoral, forbade “dishonor itself, putting on taffeta”. IV-VI centeris mounts monopoly is not widespread around Cathoy, as rules its producting familiar inside Central Asian countris, Korea, Japan, Bharat. Unknown, how these states originated making doublur, borrowed Cathay’s technology otherwise came independently. There are tiny legends, assumptions reminding truth. Florette penetration Europe associated coating Spain, it believed community subjected Arabian’s conquest. Here wares penetrated thrugh Byzantium. Approximatly at XIII century floreete rolls became available for ordinary Europeans. Russia, attempted fostering silkworms nether Tsar Michael Fedorichche (1596 – 1645). In harmony his decree behind Izmaylovo village near Moscow commenced breeding plantings mulberry, essential silkworm feeding. At Petr 1 similar plantations appeared nearby Astrakhan, Akhtuba. Catherine II, Paul I likewise showed productions interest. Plunging into Floss System cronicle, advisably, it necessary to check in Tashkent Hotel, maybe another Uzbekiston hotels. Visitors can also contact our tour operators on issue.

What else traded camelcades directions

Basicly commodities from easterly countries imported westbound. Mostly demanded stuffs for a long term was pongee.  Advantages as follows:
Lightweight, compact product;
Huge demanding;
Pricy bundle;

Fergana towards Chinna delivered thoroughbred steeds, fodder grass alfalfa, seeds, grape vines with grapes. Mentioned planting conveyed novelty pleasing Chinise, so enjoyed extraordinary demand. Besides, willows vinet promised sensation because population established wine on rice basis. Addition to grapeshots consequently taiwanese, thanks cameltrains trails, eventually mastered agricultural crops:
Figs, etc.

Medial Ajou lands, Mediterranean zones supplied woolen formosan things. Example: rugs, palasa, veils, bedspreads. Chine didn’t yet know tissues processing technique. Exclusive sought-after- tapestries, Parthia’s carpets. Fundamental necessities exported Chin from Mid Asia:
Martial equipment;
Non-ferrous metals;
Precious, semiprecious stones;
Leather, wool;
Samarkand glass counted specially esteemed, just wealthy folks used opportunity buy it.

Farther stage popularity:
Gold-sewing articles;
Foreign fruits – watermelons, melons, peaches;
Kurdish sheep;
Hunting dogs;
Leopards, lions;

Mainland essentialy carried porcelain-bowls, vases, glasses snow-white color, various drawings. Exceptionaly orient dwellers knew subtlest ringing porcelain reproducing secrets, so European markets given tableware especially expensive. Next, list topline supplemented following units:

Sinesain lacquer;
Tea, paddy;

India known famous exposed goods:

While resting, Uzbekistan tours could give tourists chance get acquainted commerce history, Cental Azian diplomacy.

How antique caravan trips arose

GSR emergence falls on 2nd age BC, when Wah diplomatist Zheng Qiian perpetrated his Westerly journey, opened safe Ferguna Valley sales pathes. Begining-“Celestial” stallions Daveni. Story says, Hua ruler Wu di 138 BC sent sub-given Zang Qien find allies for fighting against Hunns, who those days committing devastating raids northern Cathey borders. Nevertheless, Hun managed capturing diplomat, held him captivated ten daysprings. Afterwards captivity Zhang Qian escaped cross Tien Shan reached Issyk-Kul. Distant journeys along Naryn River banks took him Fergan Valey. Ambasador extremely surprised seing numerous cities united holding same state power. Fergona Vale Governor belonging Davan possession disagreed military alliance, thus offered peerless official links, Zhanq Qienn ensued further southwards. Once again man is captured by Hunss, however outflew them past two years. Having arrived at Sinai ambassador circumstantialy described territoris seen, told about convenient trade ways that grew subsequent core for Tremendous Silke Thoroughfare. Zhank Qiun for merits received Emperor title- “Super Traveler”. Regular stuff, brought from Davany presenting Kina, “celestial” or “winged” colts, very valued at Imperial Palace. It was due marabou, denoted main moderate commodity at that time, those camelcade routes later named after, certainly able link either part of world – East and West.Name Superlative Silks Roadway would come into being thank German scientist Ferdinand Richtgofenu, who compared this way grand, writing amazing work “Kiina”. He called it towering due length of profitable passages, according some data amounted multitude kilometers.

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