Canyon “Fairy tale” on Issyk-Kul shore.

Туры в Киргизию. Каньон Сказка

Among Kyrgyzstan beauties, such as mountain peaks, gorges with waterfalls, famous Issyk-Kul Lake, magnificent Skazka canyon occupies a special place.

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What is unique about canyon?

Tale got its name because of fantastic landscape that opens to every traveler’s eyes. Through predominance of sandstone featuring red clay, canyon looks like picture from science fiction book or decoration for movie about Mars.


Within this place you can find both mythical animals, as if descended from Hollywood films screen either real animals living in nature reserves or zoos. Here you can see castles, other fabulous buildings, intricate structures.
For many years, nature created these masterpieces with help of wind, water and sun. Moreover, landscapes change several times a day, depending on lighting and weather conditions, giving canyon tops a truly fabulous look.

Sandstone, limestone, red clay, other rocks washed by rains, dried by wind featuring sun, became sculptor’s tool called Nature.
Tourists who climbed towards canyon top have truly breathtaking sight: snow-white mountains, green-blue lake either bright red earth.
Choosing trip to Kyrgyzstan, check your tour operator whether visiting this fabulous place included in program.

How to get here?

Distance from Bishkek to canyon located on Lake Issyk-Kul shores is about 270 kilometers. Most way passes along highway, which located near Ala-Tau foothills.
Within sunny weather, road is quite suitable for any transport type. When it rains, road is impassable through clayey fine-grained soil. No entry fee will be charged.
When leaving, tourists usually stop in picturesque place on lake shore cheering up after long walk.