For your safety and your comfort, we offer you the bus brands MAN Lions Coach R07K. Its specifications and design are amazing safety, efficiency, versatility and, of course, comfort.


There is a spacious luggage compartment in the lower part the bus. At the top of the bus built shelves for hand luggage. Salon bus is spacious, with soft velor seats. Seat backs are high, which makes them even more comfortable. Each seat has a seat tilt control. There are special footrests. You can also adjust the distance between the seats. The bus has 49 seats (13 rows of seats). In the cabin there is space for a guide.


The bus provides the lighting system (soft blue) and air conditioning (you can adjust the interior temperature using a special remote control). There are heating and ventilation functions in the salon.


Bus models MAN Lion’s Coach R07K has two doors: in the front part of the cabin and in the middle of the bus. The windows in the cabin are panoramic, dual-layer. For your convenience, all the windows in the cabin are equipped with shutters that protect you from the sun rays. If you want to know the temperature of the air in the street, you do not need to watch the weather forecast on the Internet; it will be enough to look at the big digital clock radio. Hours are located in front of the cabin, and are clearly visible from all seats.


Our company takes care of your security. In the cabin of the bus provide personal safety belts on each seat. In order to exclude accidents in bus set speed limit (the bus will be moving at a speed no faster than 100 km / h). The additional safety measures are also provided: retarder auxiliary braking system, electronic brake system (the EBS), fog lights (for poor visibility), anti-lock braking system (ABS).


Suspension with springs and diaphragm type dampers, which are regulated depending on the road conditions, provide a smooth running of the bus.


We care not only for your safety, but also about the safety of our employees. Therefore, in the interior of the bus is equipped with a special, comfortable bed for the driver. Exterior mirrors contribute to the excellent review. In addition, mirrors are equipped with electric heating.


Our bus ride will make your stay even more comfortable. In the salon of our bus you will feel at home!


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