The climate of Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan there are nine climatic zones of eleven known in the world. It is best to visit the country in the summer. Tourists are attracted to the Caspian coast. In July, in the mountains, the temperature is +5 ° C, if you go down to the valleys, then everything is expected +27 ° C. Temperature changes occur in the vertical direction. In summer, the maximum temperature reaches +45 ° C. In January, the temperature bar fixes the indicators from -10 ° C to +3 ° C, in the mountains in winter the temperature drops to -40 ° C at night. The autumn is characterized by the influence of northern strong winds. And if you are going to Azerbaijan, look at the weather forecast for those resorts and, of course, in the cities that are included in your trip plan for the next period. Cultural rest is pleasant to spend in the spring.