Azerbaijani wines

In recent years, Azerbaijan’s winemaking is gaining momentum. Tour operators of Azerbaijan even offer here some kind of wine tours. It used to be believed that Azerbaijan was rich in luxury exquisite varieties of wine, which accounted for 40% of the country’s profits, which is several times greater than oil. Azerbaijanis everywhere were engaged in growing grapes. And what happened then? The reason is the dry law, which sharply undermined the country’s grape production in the far 80s of the last century. Throughout the country, hectares of grapes were cut down. By the end of the XX century, winemaking is declining. But the magic of turning glowing, juice-filled grape berries into a heady intoxicating drink of the people of Azerbaijan owned more than twenty four centuries ago, according to archaeological excavations. Muslims at that time pursued also the connoisseurs of the divine drink – the means of cognizing being.

But the locals were able to adapt wild grapes to their own needs, and as a result, the country of the East was able to grow inimitable varieties of grapes, yielding excellent yields. The glory of the Azerbaijani fine wine lived for centuries, and the wine industry took a long time leading positions in the republic. Recently, the International Organization for Viticulture and Winemaking, headquartered in Paris, has taken Azerbaijan into its ranks as the 45th member of its influential organization.

The country of the East today has placed a stake on the production of excellent wines from expensive varieties of grapes. Many of us know the taste and aroma of such varieties of wines as Madrasa, Agdam, Chinara, Kara-Chanakh, Kurdamir and Shemakha. They are referred to piece goods, after decades, which are currently supplied by exclusive parties abroad. And before they were served on the tables of almost celestials, which had a bearing on the process of governing the republic of the former Soviet Union. And, nevertheless, the deficit of products on the shelves did not affect the cost. Azerbaijan’s wines are sold at very democratic prices. You can, for example, buy world-class quality wine for 250-300 rubles. in good supermarkets, or try them in restaurants and hotels of Azerbaijan.

Traditionally, Azerbaijan’s wines are exported to Ukraine, Russia, Poland, the Baltic countries, France, Spain, as well as Turkey and China. Even during the rest in Uzbekistan, there is a chance to taste this blessed drink from one of the connoisseurs. The main criterion for consumers of Azerbaijani wines is the ecological purity of grapes and wine. Now Azerbaijan is famous for the fact that on the local rich slopes there are more than 600 sorts of grapes reaching to the azure sky, among which there are own selection varieties of local residents. So the tour to Azerbaijan is worth accomplishing, at least in order to see this indescribable beauty.