Azerbaijan hospitality

The literary monument of Dastan “Dede-Korkud” of the Azerbaijani people says that houses in which there are no guests are being destroyed. Each nation has its own rites of hospitality and meeting guests. Since ancient times, Azerbaijanians adhere to interesting, instructive traditions of home cordiality, provided to their guests and to this day. The Azerbaijani people are known for their hospitality in the countries of the Middle East and Russia. You can feel it by going on a tour of Azerbaijan. In rich families, traditionally, the guest at the end of the reception was honored on the road with a bag full of food. They are distinguished from many peoples by care, attentiveness, courtesy to the guests. In the houses, in addition to the rich furnishings, abundant variety of food, they arranged pleasant rest for guests with an abundance of bedding, featherbeds and pillows made of silk fabrics, pierced with golden flowers. For visiting travelers and merchants, feasts were organized in government palaces with 300 dishes. Now all the power of hospitality can be felt by the guests of any hotel in Azerbaijan.


Especially important guests were met by a special ritual in the allotted place, where people gathered and divided into two groups. The first group was led by elders (aksakals) with gifts in their hands. They presented a baked bread or pita bread with salt, a mirror, sweets wrapped in red matter. The second group consisted of civil servants, folk musicians, singers, who followed the first group. The meeting of important guests took place in national clothes with songs and treats with bread – salt, sherbet. Guests at the entrance to palaces and houses were shrovaned, Karabakh carpets, and girls threw flowers at their feet. And now, far from villages, in the mountains of Azerbaijan, you can find houses – shelters, as monuments of antiquity, for the lost travelers. For the rest, the hotels of Azerbaijan are always open.