Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur

The sources of world values are, in some cases come to be historical personalities. Most of them are from Eastern countries or from Central Asia. A well known name of one of the rulers of the medieval Mongolian dynasty is Muhammad Babur, who founded the Baburite Empire, and also ruled in Afghanistan and India. The story of his life is quite fascinating. He was born in 1483 in the city of Andijan. This city is located on the territory of modern Uzbekistan and is popular among tourists. A deeper sense of the middle Asian spirit can be obtained in specificly organized Uzbekistan tours, which also make it available to Visit many historical cities. Babur is also known as a genius poet and writer. Many orientalist believe that he belonged to the Uzbek dynasty that ruled India for more than 300 years.

Babur’s father died a ridiculous death when he was 12 years old, being in a difficult situation he was forced to fight for power in his own domain. His main ambition was to become the head of all Maverannahr and to create the former empire of Timurids with the capital in city of Samarkand. In 1497, he succeeded in that, but could keep the power only four months.

After leaving his native land he undertook a campaign and conquered Afghanistan and later, India. There he established absolute power and strengthened it. Possessing the Iranian monarchy title, he still missed his native land and depicted it in his memoirs.

Babur left a rich literary and scientific heritage. The most famous of his work is “Babur-name”, in which he collected his lyrical memoirs, treatises on jurisprudence, poems. This book became some kind of the autobiography of its author and was an example of the genre of historical literature. Over the last years of his life, the main theme of his lyrics was the longing for motherland.

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