Zaamin Mountains

Горы Узбекистана. Зооминский заповедник

Горы Узбекистана. Зоомин Горы Узбекистана. Зоомин_01 Горы Узбекистана. Зоомин_02

This mountain ridge stretches out Uzbekistan territory, though the main part of the mountains is in another neighboring country Tajikistan. The mountain slopes are covered with coniferous trees forest that is why the popular medical and sanatorium complex with the same name as a mountain Zaamin situated here in Uzbekistan.

The fresh mountain air is fully charged with the smell of coniferous trees, which spread on a long distance. The climate here is temperately continental in contradistinction to other mountains like Narata or Chatkal, so this is a perfect place for national reserve, which stays close to border with another country. Although these conditions are hardly suitable for hiking and backpacking, tourists travelling to Uzbekistan will be able to stay in a small hotel near the downhill and see the local people lifestyle and traditions. Furthermore, the site named Khuzhai Serob-Ota and amusing cave in a narrow valley are the main places of interest among the tourist groups.

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