Uzbekistan Sports

Игры и спорт в узбекистане

Kupkari or ulak in some regions including Fergana is national equestrian team sport which goal considers throwing goat frame beyond opponent defense line. Once arbiter signals, riders rush forward carcass lying on the ground. It usually weights approximately thirty kilos. First player seized trophy has an advantage deliver carcass at opponent’s goal, though otherwise riders trying steal animal from him. Sport’s name can be translated as flying goat or many people game.

This equestrian acting stays popular throughout Central Asia tours incorporating those republics like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Tajikistan and various neighboring countries.  Each country has its own name for this performance, but regulations are not much different.

Game involves specially selected horses that trained following age of four. Horsemen also learn to ride into saddle since early childhood. Since competition lasts 60 minutes, including three rounds 20 minutes each, large players number will take part within contest. Rules seem pretty simple though strict at the same time. Winner considers one who will throw animals’ body largest amount into opponents ring. As a prize, he usually gets farm animals, carpet, car, household and various valuable prizes.



Kurash is another traditional wrestling competition known among Uzbeks more than 3000 years. Activity kind seems rather similar to freestyle wrestling, but with different regulations, so bottom wrestling prohibited. Referee stops fighting if sportsman knee will touch ground.  Once his signal, athletes begin fight out starting position. Capturing below waist appears likewise prohibited by rules. Therefore, such struggle type becomes very spectacular.

Kurash can be translated from Uzbek kinds grappling. Such folk marital art existed long time ago. It was mentioned inside some historical books, involving legendary Alpomish epos, which tells about worshipped activities performed among Central Asian people. Pahlavan Mahmud was fabulous fighter off twelve century Khiva. His burial place considered sacred by pilgrims all over Asia.


In 1998 International Kurash Association was established amongst more than 20 countries representatives. Nowadays, Association involves numerous national featuring continental federations within Africa, America, Europe, other states.

Other sports either martial arts involving: football, skiing, boxing, taekwondo are also widespread throughout Uzbekistan tour packages.