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During World War II, Uzbekistan made a great contribution overall victory over fascism. Republic not only supplied arms, food, but also became a haven for millions evacuated citizens.

Russia, June 22 is annually celebrated Memorial Day, which is designed under remind that 1941 the Great Patriotic War began on this day. This day forever changed several generations’ lives many nations. All USSR republics contributed fight against enemy.

About 420 thousand Uzbeks lost their lives within battle against fascism, almost a million citizens went front, many became injured. 15 divisions featuring brigades were assembled staffed throughout commonwealth.

Orders or medals during warfare years received 120 thousand, 338 received Soviet Union Heroes title, 53 became full Glory Order holders.


Whole state became the second home for millions evacuated from fighting zone, 300 thousand orphans found new families here.

1941 fall, research institutes were evacuated at Tashkent, including: oriental studies, world literature, history, others.

By 1942, all industrial enterprises relocated through republic, about 100, were working at full capacity, supplying military equipment, ammunition, equipment. Mobilized men 16 — 55 years old, women 16 — 45 worked for 11 hours daily. Throe lack of working hands, 12 years old adolescents were involved into work.

Republic provided agricultural products not only front, but also cities liberated from occupation.


At military hospital site, deployed within Tashkent 1941-1945 in 1975, a memorial complex called Mass grave was installed. Thousands Soviet soldiers featuring officers who died at hospital are buried inside complex.

"Братские могилы" в Ташкенте. Узбекистан

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We cherish those events’ memory; every year state organizations congratulate veterans either home front workers. Additionally, veterans’ assistance is targeted, so as not deprive attention of them. Now, about 3000 veterans and about 70 000 home front workers live throughout commonwealth.