Uzbekiston is a country unimaginable in number and architectural monuments beauty, embracing its antiquity, exclusive modernity combination. There’s no doubt, this sunny land clearly stands out comparatively other countries. Yes, there’re similarity elements with others cultures, but in totality, mentioned “East pearl” — unique. Coincidentally, bears cultural formations. Uzbekistan tour is a rare opportunity learn oriental fairy tale from inside out.


In broad outline;

Uzbekisten has something present to planet: multifaceted culture, human’s identity, applied art masterpieces. Also, delightful architectonical commemorations, colorful national cuisine. Main vacation industry focus — cities Samarkand, Bukhara’nd Khiva, which historic centres listed as UNESCO’s heritage sites. Intangible local people deeds conjointly included into abovementioned list: ancient Shoshmak chant, vernal equinox Nowruz feast. Worth to note traditional Kattaashula’s motives. It shows operational activity, correspondingly Uzbeks lifestyle importance for entire globe community.

Centuries ago, whole earth roamed trampled Great Silk Road routs. It passed through not only Uzbekestan general conurbations, anyways, intact Middle Azia. Huge burduks with leather, floss, jewels, spices moved along caravan routes, passing city to another. So there wasn’t scarcely trade exchange, still, supplementarily an acquaintance with different backgrounds.

Same thing’s happening today: tourists from all over world travelling toward Uzbekistan, study majestic eastern endowment. Uzbek travel packages aimed at versatile tourist: outdoor activities lovers, ecology fighters. Historical locations connoisseurs, new ethnic group seekers. Besides, those choosing family, corporate vacations insides antique civilizations heart, noblely adjacent to modern buildings.


Excursion touristry;

Elite Tours International suggests hundreds facilities. Every conurbation contains so-called old town where yesteryear’s spirit’s been preserved. Each region possesses its own architecture plus appearance. Samarkand demonstrates azure mosaic cenotaphs complex Registan, mausoleum Gur Emir, mosque Bibi Hanum. Shahrisabz basic attractions — Timurids constructions: enormous Ak-Saray ruins, Timur Palace, Kok-Gumbaz masjid, sheikh Shamseddine Kulal. Bukhara’s dominated by raw bricks color inwards Poi-Kalyan ensemble architectonics & citadel Arc. Khiva’s — city-museum known, thanks its inner borough Ichan-kala, Kalta Minar Minaret, Juma cathedral.


Active resorting;

Given globetrotting type granted high demand among travelers. Ski resort within Chimgan mostly popular: varying complexity trails. Additionally, slopes for snowboarders’nd cable car, making rapid ascent, afterword descent. During summer time sheer cliffs at climbers disposal, whitch again conquer slippery rocky heights, unreachable peaks. Likewise, hang gliding can be done in warm weather. Bird’s-eye view of natural landscapes prettiness adding water Charvak reservoir. Moreover, small “ranch” wherein everyone could ride on most beautiful, trained, fast stallions. You may relax here, however, don’t forget Tashkent hotels always stay at your service.



Uzbekistan’s not just world-famous architectonic sepulchers, howbeit, identically expanses for eco-tours. Ecotourism one of booming areas principally. Hereabouts, numerous observation spots: dying Aral sea salt marshes, hiking to glaciers, waterfalls. Trips towards protected territories, which quantity more than ten, deserts sands outings, etc.



Domestic peoples ethnicity’nd individuality fascinates any excursionist. Girls dressed native hanatlas dresses, all rainbow colors. Men wearing gold embellished chapan (dense kaftan worn over clothes), incredible magnificence skullcaps. In any house you’ll be met with hot green tea piala, delicious tortilla, certainly, hearty conventional pilaf. Ethnicity, furthermore, displayed around masters applied-art. Herein, handmade chic carpets made, embroidered pillows, blankets, paint finest painting pottery.

Central Asia tourism is gaining momentum with e’ry season: voyage programs’re developing, journeys number’s increasing. Hotels’re being modernized, service’s getting improved. Sightseer flow increases every year, many times. Why does it happen? Perhaps, answer to such question will be firsthand. Touch, sense, taste, find sunshiny, hospitable Uzbekystan inheritance treasury.