Узбекская свадьба

Tashkent marriage: Uzbek customs from celebration beginning to end

The eastern nation has always been distinguished by wide festival scale. Tourists can find out about different rites through Central Asia Silk Road tours. When it comes up weddings, festivity does not exactly cost one day. Festivity seems not limited under banal going to registry office then gatherings at the festive table. Before marriage, an engagement required Fatiha Tuy, where bride’s mother receives gifts from groom’s parents. This is most often money, lamb, national delicacies, expensive fabrics. Holiday simply saturated through interesting traditions featuring customs. Where does Eastern marriage ceremony begin?

Morning pilaf

Nuptial begins with pilaf, which cooked up under bridegroom families. Incidentally, event must be held early morning, only males are allowed it. Sometimes only groom family engaged preparations, sending part off refreshments towards lady’s house along congratulations. Today, this tradition supported but plov organized at cafe, tea house in Tashkent either other cities, freeing hosts from unnecessary botheration.

Ceremony or official part

After plov, groom, accompanied close relatives, hurries into bride’s house. A girl dressed bridal outfit, her face covered veil awaits her lover inside separate room with imam. Next, the young need to make few rites.

Kelin salom or bride greeting

Next morning, according another version, three days later, begins another bridal tradition admission into new family, Kelin Salom. Parents featuring relatives gather at courtyard, where they present young wife expensive gifts. Daughter-in-law obliged bow low toward everyone. Afterwards, that girl becomes new family full member.

Brides: wedding dress features

Particular note is traditional espousal attire. However, young lady always has opportunity choosing European clothing for celebration.

Dress usually made of khan-atlas, silk fabric type widely used throughout Uzbekistan. Under gown, fiancee usually wears silken harem pants. Skillfully embroidered sleeveless gown, silk robe, velvet camisole embroidered gold threads dressed over espousal clothes top.

Particularly emphasize fiancee headdress. National Tipla-kosh looks like kokoshnik, decorated with large number of pendants either openwork embroidery. Girl’s face necessarily covers veil.

Jewelry as hallmark

Jewelry abundance becomes identity Uzbekistan brides among other Asian people. Marital fidelity symbolized by nose ring; there must be many hand bracelets, rings on fingers. Uzbeks firmly believe that jewelry can protect off evil eye, so even their excess on bridegroom does not cause absolutely any sarcasm.

As you can see, Uzbek wedding appears like very colorful holiday, people are very hospitable either welcoming. Celebration distinguished by friendly and cheerful atmosphere. Visit central Asia through our website