Узбекская тюбетейка

Uzbekistan is renowned for large national caps diversity. Uzbek skullcaps are round or pointed ones covered with different patterns. Traditional headdress embellishes everyone: newborn crown, gray venerable heads. There is such popular proverb as: “skullcap person always fits”.


Узбекская тюбетейкаIslam forbade leaving houses without covered heads, so it played significant part in skullcap have on. Additionally, beside intended purpose, such cap has always been a costume decoration. Craftswomen strove for beauty, perfection, which exalted their work from craft to higher art.


There are several skullcap types. Totally, there are seven historically established regional hat groups including: Tashkent, Fergana, Samarkand, Bukhara, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya and Khorezm. Each craftswoman enriches with her imagination the traditional ornament motifs.


These hats are rightfully requested around the world throughout Central Asia tours. Made by skillful masters, they Купить узбекскую тюбетейку. Туры в Узбекистанexhibited on numerous expositions. Tashkent state museums of history, arts and applied art have full collection of most beautiful rare caps.


Visiting Uzbekistan travelers from other countries are eager to purchase this beautiful skullcap as extraordinary gift for family or friends. Some tourists use them for decoration, hanging on the wall.

You can buy skullcap at any Uzbek bazaar, as well as in special souvenir shops. Further information you can find on